GPC Mission Statement

Georgia Perimeter College transforms the lives of our students to thrive in a global society.

As a diverse, multi-campus college offering onsite and distance learning opportunities, we provide relevant, responsive, learner-centered higher education that facilitates the achievement of academic, professional and personal goals.

We embrace excellence, teamwork and quality service that link the college's human capital with our communities to enhance economic, social and cultural vitality.

As a key point of entry for students into higher education in Georgia and in order to support the Strategic Plan of the University System of Georgia, Georgia Perimeter College is committed to maintaining our role as the major provider of associate degrees and student transfer opportunities in the state and to broadening our contribution to the educational aspirations of our communities by offering select baccalaureate programs in areas of need for the citizens of Georgia.


  1. We Will Strengthen Student Success

    • Implement the Complete College Georgia (CCG) Plan. Outcome: An increase in retention, graduation, and transfer numbers and rates; an increase in partnerships with K-12 to strengthen college readiness; shorter time to degree; new approaches in remediation.
    • Improve academic advising. Outcome: A new advising model fully implemented and higher student ratings on items related to advisement on student surveys and focus groups.
    • Implement the five-year QEP. Outcome: An increase in opportunities for engaged learning, the ability to apply course-based learning to real-world situations, and improved mastery of course content.


  2. We Will Maintain and Strengthen Our Mission as an Access Institution

    • Increase enrollment in support of our access mission, CCG goals, the new funding formula for the University System of Georgia, and the financial health of the college. Outcome: Five percent enrollment increase in fall 2014.
    • Prepare to implement the two four-year programs authorized by the Board of Regents. Outcome: The two programs will admit their first classes by fall 2015.
    • Request Board of Regents approval for a BSN Completion program.
    • Strengthen online education. Outcome: Success rates for online courses will equal those for on-campus courses.


  3. We Will Increase Our Agility in the Very Competitive Higher Education Arena

    • Review class sizes and teaching loads over time and review ratios of tenured, tenure-track, temporary, and adjunct faculty members. Outcome: Create the environment for teaching excellence and scholarship while controlling expenditures.
    • Re-examine operating processes and procedures in light of existing staffing levels and review existing staffing ratios. Improve processes and efficiencies. Outcome: Manage the workload with current employees.
    • Communicate and cultivate relationships with external constituencies. Outcome: Continued support for the college, including external support from grants, private support from donations, and increased awareness of the college in critical target audiences.


  4. We Will Focus on the College Culture

    • Improve employee and student satisfaction and engagement. Outcome: The college will be viewed and experienced as a desirable learning and working environment, both of which enhance the college’s reputation, student enrollment, and student and employee retention.
    • Foster and maintain a college culture that reflects our mission and values.