Step One:
Copy a Template

Step Two:
Adding a Side Menu

Alternate Copy &
Paste Method:
Starting the Page


Ending the Page

Extras: FrontPage Settings Optional Elements
Adding a Counter Hiding Email Addresses
Creating Graphical Buttons

You will create one file that will store your side menu to be used throughout your site. This way, you only have to make edits to one file and the change will be reflected throughout your site.

First, make sure you have access (called mapping) to your web directory [Help]. Then...

Click Here to View Sample Side Menu Source

Copy and paste the code into the SOURCE (HTML) NOT in the design screen. Save the file as sidemenu.htm. Once saved, you may open it up in your html editor (i.e., FrontPage), edit the SOURCE to include your links.

This filename will be used in all of your pages in the header StartGPC function call.

<script language = "php">
include "/usr/local/web/StyleGuide/php3/gpc-look.php3";
$title="Pam's Page";
StartGPC( $title, $lmargin, $sidemenu);