Publishing Policy


Students are required to follow the GPC Personal Web Page Procedure outlined in the Georgia Perimeter College World Wide Web Policy.

Accessing Your Directory

Students are encouraged to use a secure FTP program for accessing their web directory. SecureFX is the program of choice. SecureFX can be downloaded for a discounted fee for students from Follow the instructions for accessing your directory using FTP+SSH2. Session Configuration is as follows:

Session >>

  • Name:
  • Protocol: FTP over SSH2

FTP Login >>

  • Hostname:
  • Port: 21
  • Username: (your GPC email username)
  • Password: (your GPC email password)
  • Initial directory: public_html/

Use your GPC email username and password to access your directory on the server. Directories accessible from the web should be created under the public_html directory.

To access your directory in a browser, use your username prefixed by a tilde '~'. For example, Keep in mind that any PHP code is only processed when the file is fetched from the server - by accessing your site using in your browser. PHP cannot be processed locally (on files resident on your computer).

Server Programs

Our server runs on a UNIX system using Apache as our web server. PHP 5.3.3 is the server-side scripting available. Information on php can be found at: