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1002.06                       PRINTING COLLEGE NEWSLETTERS


The College recognizes the need for and encourages communication among all units of the institution, including the publication of departmental, campus, and college-wide newsletters when newsletters are deemed the most appropriate means of communication.


In recognition of the need to conserve College resources and to avoid the duplication of services, the following guidelines and procedures are to be used by organizations, departments, and offices within the College wishing to print newsletters.

  1. All organizations, departments, and offices are strongly encouraged to use the official newsletter of the College for disseminating information and news college-wide.
  2. The publication of other newsletters must be approved by the appropriate area vice president or provost based on a clear statement of the newsletter's purpose and a demonstrated need which cannot reasonably be met by the e-mail, the college-wide calendar or other existing means of communication.
  3. Any organization, department or office wishing to publish, or to continue to publish, a newsletter must complete an Application to Print Newsletter and submit it for review and approval by the appropriate area vice president or provost. Application forms may be obtained from the offices of the vice presidents and provosts.
  4. Applications to print newsletters must be submitted at least two months prior to the projected date of publication of the first issue.
  5. Copies of the Application to Print Newsletter will be kept on file by the organization, department or office publishing the newsletter, the area vice president or provost, and the Office of Public Relations. 
  6. All College newsletters should follow the same printing guidelines as all other printed materials of the College. Every newsletter must include the name of the College, the name of the campus and department or office responsible for its publication, the phrase "A two-year unit of the University System of Georgia," and the phrase "Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer." Materials printed in the name of the College, including college newsletters, should be sent through the Public Relations Office for processing.
  7. All vice presidents or provosts will work with the editors of newsletters in their area to establish specific guidelines to be followed for each publication. Each newsletter will be evaluated annually by the area vice president or provost to determine its effectiveness and continued need for the coming year.

Revised 9/96