Georgia Perimeter College (GPC)

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Access Request


The following procedures are associated with the GPC VPN Policy.† Please review the policy before continuing with these procedures.†

  1. An Eligible Person applies for VPN access through the form located at† Upon submission, this form is automatically routed to the Office of Information Technology (OIT) helpdesk.
  2. The OIT helpdesk creates a ticket and routes the request to OIT management for review at the weekly OIT management meeting.
  3. Upon approval, the OIT helpdesk creates work orders for both the desktop support and network groups.
  4. The network group configures the required networking equipment to allow for the approved access.
  5. Desktop support installs the required VPN software on the approved personís computer and provides basic training for its use.
  6. The approved person now has VPN access to the GPC Network.