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POLICY  Every approved academic course at Georgia Perimeter College must have an official Common Course Outline. Throughout the college all faculty teaching a course should adhere to the Common Course Outline.


PROCEDURE   The following procedure describes the development and use of a Common Course Outline:


A.        The appropriate course curriculum committee will develop and approve Common Course Outlines for each course for which it is responsible. Approval of Common Course Outlines for all new courses requires approval by the faculty senate, per GPC Policy 303.0105, Curriculum and Academic Policy Proposals. Any changes in the common course outline necessitating a catalog change, such as credit hours, course title, or course description, require approval by the faculty senate.


B.         A Common Course Outline should include the following information:


I.            Course Abbreviation


II.            Credit Hours


III.            Course Title


IV.            Prerequisites and Co-requisites


V.            Catalog Description


VI.            Expected Educational Results

a.            course

b.            general


VII.            Course Content*


VIII.            Assessment of Expected Educational Results*

a.            course grade

b.            department assessment

c.            use of assessment findings


IX.            Date (Common Course Outline submitted or updated)


C.         The course curriculum committee will review and update all Common Course Outlines as necessary.


D.        The college believes in the academic value of giving final exams that are comprehensive in nature; however, the college also values the discretion of the faculty member to determine appropriate assessment methods. The departments on each campus and/or individual instructors will construct a detailed syllabus based on the Common Course Outline for implementation in each class.


*The Common Course Outline offers only a schematic description of the course content and assessment material. Campus departments and/or individual instructors should elaborate upon and enhance these sections in their syllabi. At the beginning of each term, faculty members must submit their syllabi for approval to the department head and/or the discipline coordinating dean. The sequencing of topics as well as all readings and other assignments designed to assist the student in accomplishing course objectives are left to the discretion of the campus department and/or the individual instructor as long as these components adhere to the Common Course Outline.


Revised 7/94

Revised by Academic Affairs Policy Council             11/99

Approved by College Advisory Board                         7/27/00

Revised by Academic Affairs Policy Council             11/2000

Approved by the Academic Affairs Policy Council 3/2001
Approved by College Advisory Board                          4/25/01