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Attendance Policy Proposal

SECTION 300††††††††††††††††††††††† ACADEMIC AFFAIRS


303.0112†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ATTENDANCE






[This policy is intended to apply to all GPC courses, with the exceptions noted in the second paragraph.]


While GPC instructors are required to keep accurate attendance records, attendance per se may not be counted in any studentís grade.If the instructor wishes, attendance may be used as an indirect measure of other behaviors, such as class participation.(Students who do not attend cannot participate.For example, if a student misses 50% of the classes in a course, his/her class participation grade should not exceed 50% of the maximum allowed.)To the extent that attendance is cause for decreasing a class participation grade, the deduction must be proportionate to the percentage of classes missed.Therefore, if a student misses 10% of the classes, the class participation grade is automatically reduced by 10%.Class participation may not be weighted more than 10% of the grade in a course.


Exceptions to the above attendance policy may be granted by the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs for specific courses, such as Fine Arts Performance classes and Physical Education classes.


If an instructor or discipline group wishes to establish a more stringent attendance policy for a particular course, that policy must have approval of the department chair and discipline dean and must be clearly stated in the syllabus.If a discipline establishes such an attendance policy for a course, then all instructors of that course must use that policy.


Students with excessive absences may not be barred from attending classes.Under no circumstances may students be locked out of classrooms.






If a student misses 10% or more of the scheduled class meetings and is not passing the course, the student may be withdrawn from the course.If this is processed before the midpoint, the grade will be W.After the midpoint, the grade will be F.



Approved by the PAB 5/27/08