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304.50                        GRADE APPEAL




Georgia Perimeter College shall provide students with a timely process of appealing grades, which they believe were incorrectly determined. In cases where a student is appealing a grade on the basis of alleged discrimination, the student must elect between the College Grade Appeal procedure and the Student Discrimination Grievance Procedures, but cannot use both for the same grade appeal.  (See Student Discrimination Grievance, Georgia Perimeter College Policy Manual, Section 401.02)




The Grade Appeal Procedure is the method by which a student may challenge a grade issued by an instructor at Georgia Perimeter College. The following procedure is required:


1.         The student must contact the instructor after the grade is issued to discuss a change in the grade. This contact should occur as soon as possible, but no later than the second week of the term following receipt of the disputed grade. If a student is unable to contact the instructor, the appropriate Department Chair should be asked for assistance.  Under extenuating circumstances and with supporting documentation, exceptions may be made by the Dean of Academic Services.


2.         If the student disputes the instructor's decision, the student may then initiate the appeal process by obtaining a Student Grade Appeal Statement Form from the appropriate Department Chair. The student must complete this form according to the directions and provide the necessary documentation and pertinent information. The student should return the complete packet to the Department Chair within one week.


3.         Upon receipt of the student's request for a Grade Appeal Form, the Department Chair will have the instructor complete the Instructor Grade Appeal Statement Form. This form must be returned to the Department Chair within one week of notification.


4.         The Department Chair will render a decision regarding the grade appeal. Prior to     making a decision, the Department Chair may schedule a meeting with the student        and/or the instructor. After making a decision, the Department Chair will notify in     writing both the instructor and the student.


5.         Either the instructor or the student may appeal the decision of the Department           Chair. This appeal must be made in writing, directed to the Dean of Academic      Services and delivered within five (5) working days from the receipt of the           Department Chair's decision.


6.         The Dean of Academic Services will determine the validity of the grade appeal. If      the Dean of Academic Services rules that the issue is not a valid grade appeal      issue, the appeal goes no further.  If the Dean of Academic Services rules that the      issue is valid, then the grade appeal procedure will continue according to the        following steps. The decision of the Dean of Academic Services regarding             continuation of the grade appeal procedure is final.



7.         The Dean of Academic Services shall appoint a Grade Appeal Committee comprised of:


                        Voting Members (Five Members):


(1)       A Committee Chairperson appointed by the Dean of Academic Services.


                        (2)       The Campus Dean of Student Services or his/her designee.


(3)       A faculty member appointed by the Department Chair to represent the department/discipline involved in the appeal.


(4)       A faculty member appointed by the Campus Dean of Academic Services. This person should be from an academic division/discipline other than the division/discipline in which the appeal is made. The selection will be from a pool of faculty, each member elected by and representing a department on campus.   


(5)       A student representative from the Campus Student Government Association. (Note: If the appealing party holds an SGA office, then the committee member will be from a campus other than the one on which the appealing party holds office.)


            Non-Voting Members (Two Members):


(1)       The student making or involved in the appeal may choose someone (faculty/staff) from the college to represent them on the Grade Appeal Committee.


(2)       The faculty making or involved in the appeal may choose someone (faculty/staff) from the college to represent them on the Grade Appeal Committee.


8.         Recognizing that the Grade Appeal Committee is an in-house procedure, and not a court of law, no legal counsel or any other person may be present besides the student, the instructor, and appointed members of the Committee. Exceptions to this would be granted by the Dean of Academic Services and only for the following reasons:  (1) students with disabilities requiring some highly extraordinary assistance that could not be routinely provided by the Chair or another member of the Committee; and (2) a student whose first language is not English and whose English is not sufficiently fluent so as to allow him/her to represent himself/herself adequately at a Committee hearing.  In these cases, the appointment will be left to the discretion of the Dean of Academic Services.


9.         After receiving the student's or instructor's written appeal, the Dean of Academic Services will schedule a meeting of the Grade Appeal Committee.  It is the intent of the College to process all grade appeals in a timely manner.  Grade appeals will be processed no later than the end of the term in which the appeal was filed.


a.      The Committee examines written materials presented by both the student and the instructor. The Voting Committee Members will also discuss the case with both the instructor and the student.  During this discussion, the Non-Voting Committee members will advise and consult with the individual they represent.  The Committee may call other witnesses. The student and instructor have the right to be present at all meetings where evidence is presented. The Committee chair will be responsible for recording the session.


b.         The Voting Committee Members will meet privately to confer and arrive at a decision.  Every effort should be made to reach a consensus finding.  If not, then a private ballot shall be taken with the chair of the committee voting only in the event of a tie vote.  This decision is reported to the Dean of Academic Services who presents the findings and the decision to the student, instructor and Department Chair. The Dean of Academic Services will implement the decision of the Grade Appeal Committee unless one of the parties wishes to appeal the grade appeal procedure.


c.       The Committee maintains and forwards informal minutes of all proceedings to the Dean of Academic Services. These shall be available to the Discipline Dean, the Vice President for Educational Affairs and the President.


10.       If the parties are not satisfied with the procedure followed by the Grade Appeal Committee, they may appeal, in writing, within five (5) working days to the Vice                                                    President for Educational Affairs. The Vice President for Educational Affairs will                                   determine if the grade appeal procedure was followed appropriately. The Vice                                                      President for Educational Affairs may at his/her discretion return the grade appeal to                            the committee for further consideration.  The decision of the Vice President is final.



Approved CAB 05/28/98

Revised by Academic Affairs Policy Council  4/11/00

Approved by College Advisory Board  7/27/00

Revised by the Academic Affairs Policy Council  3/13/01  

CAB revisions 10/20/01

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AAAC review and approval 5/10/05

Approved by President’s Advisory Board 10/26/05

Editorial change 4/10/06 (#9 changed from “the Dean of Academic Services will appoint the Grade Appeal Committee” to “the Dean of Academic Services will schedule a meeting of the Grade Appeal Committee”)






Appeal Information


  Student’s Name________________________Student/SS#_________________________


Student Address: _________________________________________________________ 


Name of Course_________________________Course ID_______ - _______ - ______


Semester (Check)    _____Fall          ____Spring             _____Summer


Instructor’s Name________________________________________________________





Upon a review of the statements submitted by the student and the instructor, I have decided to:


            _____ Recommend that the grade issued to the student remain as recorded.


            _____ Recommend a change of grade from______to______.


            _____ Other (attach further explanation)


Date decision made:_____________________________________________________


Department Chair’s Signature:_____________________________________________


Date Form Mailed/Given to Student:________________________________________


Date Form Mailed/Given to Instructor:______________________________________


Please Note:  The student and/or the instructor may appeal this decision by filing a copy of his/her appeal statement, a copy of the Department Chair’s decision and a written request for review by the Grade Appeal committee within five (5) working days of receipt of this form to the appropriate Dean of Academic Services.  If neither party files an appeal within the five working day limit, this decision will become final.

















Instructor Information


Instructor’s Name_________________________


Address__________________________City____________State______ Zip_________


Phone #:         Home(       )__________________Work(       )___________________


Course Information


Course Title_____________________________________________________________


Course ID#_______ - _______ - _______


Student’s Name_____________________


Semester (Check)        _____Fall     _____Spring     _____Summer


Information Regarding Grade

Number of class/clinical lab meetings per week__________________

Number of Student Absences__________Number of Times Student was Late______

Date when disputed grade was first discussed with student_____________________

Please write a brief description of this meeting or conversation. (attach to this form)

Relate any discussions with the student held prior to the granting of the grade in dispute. (attach to this form)


Attach a copy of the syllabus and of all pertinent materials such as:

                        1.   Syllabus and other course materials.

                        2.   All tests, term paper requirements, assignments, etc.

                        3.   Any other materials or information.

Materials should include grading policy and any anecdotal notes as evidence of the student’s performance, especially in laboratory or clinical courses.


Faculty should retain copies of all information that is filed with this statement.


Date this statement is received by the Department Chair____________________

Department Chair’s Signature_____________________________________________