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SECTION  300                     ACADEMIC AFFAIRS


304.60                                    CHANGE OF GRADE                    



It is the student's responsibility to review his/her grades through the Georgia Perimeter College online Student Information System at the end of each term of enrollment.  Any question regarding a recorded grade should be directed to the instructor no later than the second week of the semester following receipt of the grade.  If the student is unable to contact the instructor, the appropriate department chair should be contacted for assistance.


A grade that has been assigned to a student by an instructor may be changed upon written statement by the instructor that the grade was a factual error.  All grade changes are subject to approval by the instructor's department chair.  A grade change request must be completed no later than the last day of class of the third consecutive term following the term in which the grade was awarded.   Grades included in this provision are "A", "B", "C", "D", "F", "IP", "NR", "S", and "U". 


A grade of "I" (Incomplete) may be changed by the instructor upon the student's completion of course work as described in the Petition for "I" (Incomplete) Grade on file with the instructor, appropriate department chair.  An "I" grade not satisfactorily removed by the end of the following semester will automatically be changed to an "F".  The time allowed for completing work may be extended to a maximum of 12 months when circumstances prevent the student from completing the work during the following semester.


Any grade change request that involves an addition of a course, a deletion of a course, or a course withdrawal must be approved by the instructor, appropriate department chair, campus dean of academic services, campus registrar, Student Accounts, and Financial Aid.  Any such grade change request must be completed as follows:


            Fall Semester                        September 15 of the following year

            Spring Semester                   September 15 of the same year

            Summer Session                  September 15 of the same year


The student is responsible for any payment of fees or repayment of funds that may be required by Georgia Perimeter College, the Department of Education, or a lending agency/guarantor.



Approved by the PAB 5/27/08