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Faculty may negotiate contracts for independent study with students who are in good standing under the following conditions:


        Faculty may negotiate Independent Study contracts only for courses normally taught at the College but not offered at that campus during the term in which the contract would be executed.


        Instructors must have written authorization from the Department Chair before negotiating the Independent Study contract with the student.


        The Independent Study contract must be signed by the faculty member, the student, and the Department Chair.


        The Department Chair will keep a signed copy of each Independent Study contract on file.


With the approval of the Department Chair, an instructor who negotiates Independent Study contracts has three options for compensation: (1) after completing ten contracts, the faculty member may elect to receive reassigned time equivalent to the number of workload units divided by ten, rounded up to the next whole number; (2) the faculty member may receive prorated pay at the completion of each individual contract (i.e., 10% of the designated adjunct pay per contract); or (3) the faculty member may accumulate ten contracts for one payment of 100% of the designated adjunct rate.



Approved by Academic Affairs Policy Council: October 29, 2002

Approved by College Advisory Board: February 26, 2003