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314                 FIELD TRIPS




The faculty of Georgia Perimeter College shall be free to include field trips as a course requirement if they feel that such a trip will enhance the course they are teaching.





A.            Requests for field trips must be submitted on the accepted form, approved by the appropriate Department Chair and communicated to the Campus Dean of Academic Services.


B.        If the field trip is a course requirement, students should be informed at the beginning of the semester.  The specific date and time of the field trip must be included on the course syllabus


C.        The trip should be conducted by the course instructor.  In the event of instructor illness, another qualified instructor may be appointed by the Department Chair to conduct the field trip.


D.        Proper safety control and security arrangements must be made.  Students are required to sign a release and indemnity agreement.


E.            Arrangements should be made to use the College bus or van.  All College vehicles must be driven by a College employee.  Requests to use the College bus or van should be made ten days in advance of the planned trip. Vans for transportation must provide room for ALL students.  Students can then choose not to use the provided transportation, but the College must provide for all.


F.         If students are to use their own transportation, the instructor should not make travel arrangements but simply designate the time and place for students to meet.


G.            Information relative to handling various trips should be filed with the appropriate Department Chair and shared for the benefit of others.



Revised 2/97

Revised by Academic Affairs Policy Council  4/11/00

Approved by College Advisory Board  7/27/00