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When full-time or part-time faculty members are absent from class, they must notify their Department Chair. The faculty member, assisted by the Department Chair if necessary, is responsible for arranging that the class receive appropriate instruction.




A.     Procedure for Alternate Instruction


The Department Chair must approve the faculty memberís plans for alternate instruction. The Department Chair will report these arrangements to the Campus Dean of Academic Services. The Alternate Instruction should account for the duration of the anticipated absence and be consistent with the course syllabus. The Alternate Instruction may take place at a time other than the scheduled class time if all of the students are available to convene at this new time or place.

B. Procedure for Substitute Instructors


1.      All instructors must have been approved by the Board of Regents prior to being assigned to teach as a substitute.


2.      An approved instructor is allowed to substitute without compensation.


3.      Approved instructors are permitted to substitute for each other on an exchange††† basis without compensation.


4.      In the event of an accident, long-term illness, or other emergency, the Department Chair, with the approval of the Dean of Academic Services, should arrange for the class to be taught by a full-time faculty member or an approved substitute instructor. This substitute will be compensated.


C. Procedure for Compensation for Substitute Instructors


1. When compensation is necessary, the Dean of Academic Services must approve a negative adjustment to the assigned part-time instructor's salary and a positive adjustment to the substituteís salary.


2. If a full-time faculty member substitutes for a part-time instructor, the Dean of Academic Services should make a negative adjustment to the part-time instructor's salary unless an exchange is arranged.


3. The Department Chair must send a memorandum approving this transaction to the Dean of Academic Services for forwarding to Payroll Services and the Human Resources Department.


4. Compensation for a substitute instructor is charged to the budgeted part-time funds of the appropriate department.


Revised 2/97

Revised by Academic Affairs Policy Council:11/2000

Approved by Academic Affairs Policy Council:††† 3/2001

Approved by College Advisory Board: 4/25/2001††