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SECTION 300                        ACADEMIC AFFAIRS


321                                          TEXT SELECTION




In order to enhance students’ learning environment, full time faculty have the responsibility of selecting texts and related course materials.




The selection of primary texts and course related materials is the responsibility of those full time faculty members who have taught the course within the last three academic years.


Those faculty members must decide whether to require one common text or to allow individual instructors to select a text from a list of no more than three ISBN numbers chosen by the curriculum/discipline committee, including one online text. Instructors teaching courses for academic credit must use one of the approved texts.


Part-time instructors must use a text selected by the department chair from the approved discipline committee list.


With curriculum committee approval, and in the interest of academic innovation, faculty members may pilot texts not on the approved list for a period not to exceed two semesters. Use of such texts for a longer period would require the approval of the curriculum committee. In cases where a curriculum committee fails to approve a request for a pilot, the faculty member making the request making the request may appeal the curriculum committee’s decision to the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs. As their primary goal, pilots should serve to facilitate the adoption of new texts that are suitable for our students and desired educational outcomes.


With Dean approval, faculty members may also require supplemental materials for their courses. These materials must supplement the text and not replace it.


Texts will be reviewed at least every three years. Once a text is selected, it should be used for a minimum of two years. New editions are not considered new selections until officially adopted by the faculty.


After text orders have been submitted to the campus bookstore by the Department Chair, any requested changes must have the approval of the Department Chair.



Approved by the PAB 5/27/08