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322.03††††††††††† ††††††††††† PART-TIME FACULTY WORKLOADS





The definition of part-time faculty workloads derives from the Fair Labor Standards Act and Board of Regentsí policy.The Fair Labor Standards Act requires that benefits be paid to employees who work more than fifty percent of a normal work week.Regents staff has accepted Georgia Perimeter College's definition of fifty percent for part-time teaching as being 13.5-16 semester hours per academic year.Part-time faculty are not covered by benefits at Georgia Perimeter College.


The Regents have defined the University System of Georgia as a whole as being a single employer.The 13.5-16 hours maximum per academic year for part-time faculty at Georgia Perimeter College must apply to total hours taught by part-time teachers at any and all System institutions.





Semester Load

Part-time faculty members may not teach more than nine semester credit hours in either the fall or spring semester in a given academic year.They may not teach nine hours in both fall and spring semesters.


Exceptions to the nine credits per semester will be granted only in emergencies, and the limit due to the emergency must not exceed three additional semester hours.††† Emergencies are defined as last-minute situations that were difficult to anticipate.Emergencies do not include ordinary difficulties in staffing.


Emergency exceptions must be approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs prior to the assignment of an additional class.


Academic Year Load

Part-time faculty members may teach up to fifty percent of the full-time faculty workload range in an academic year.Since the full-time faculty workload range is 27-32 semester hours, the part-time faculty workload range would be 13.5-16 semester hours in an academic year.Part-time faculty members may teach no more than fifteen (15) credits, five three-credit hour classes, in an academic year.In the case of faculty teaching only four credit hour courses, they may teach no more than sixteen (16) hours, four four-credit hour classes, in an academic year.No combination of credit hour courses may exceed the sixteen credits allowable for the academic year, unless it can be proved that full-time faculty in the discipline are teaching over 32 semester hours in an academic year.The 13.5 hour maximum applies to hours taught at any and all Regents' institutions.




Revised by Academic Affairs Policy Council4/11/00

Approved by College Advisory Board7/27/00