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It is the policy of Georgia Perimeter College to follow all CDC guidelines, OSHA, and state regulations related to infection control and treatment of biohazardous waste to help insure the health and safety of our employees, faculty, and students.




Universal precautions are used in all matters relating to patient care, including the following:


A.                 All students and faculty must wear gloves, glasses, facial mask, or chin-length plastic shield when working in a clinical setting with a patient.


B.        All equipment in the immediate treatment area must be wiped prior to and immediately following treatment with an EPA approved surface disinfectant.  The operator must wear heavy-duty rubber cleaning gloves.


C.        All disposable items, such as paper products, gauze, plastic and rubber products, must be promptly and properly disposed and never reused.


D.        All non-disposable items must be placed in an ultrasonic bath prior to hand scrubbing to reduce opportunity for contamination before being autoclaved.


E.        All buttons, switches, knobs, and head and cone of radiographic equipment must be wrapped with an impervious plastic barrier material where those surfaces prove difficult to decontaminate.


F.                 All waste products resulting from patient treatment experiences must be deposited into Biomedical waste containers which are properly boxed, sealed, transported and incinerated.


G.        All non-expendable, non-autoclavable items coming in contact with a patient's body fluids must be placed in an ultrasonic bath and then submerged in an EPA approved solution for a minimum of ten hours.


H.        All disposable needles used in dental anesthesia must be deposited in containers marked specifically for sharp objects and must never be recapped.  Anesthetic syringe recapping is accomplished with a recapping device or a one-hand procedure.


(Infection control policies and procedures are fully discussed in the Dental Hygiene Clinic Procedures Manual.)


Reviewed 3/2000

Revised by Academic Affairs Policy Council  4/11/00

Approved by College Advisory Board