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334                 OPTIONS FOR ESL STUDENTS


Non-native speakers of English (NNS) who have successfully completed ENGL 1101 are eligible to take the Regents’ Essay Test in an extended time format during a scheduled ESL test session and are not required to take the Regents’ Reading Test.  However, NNS who have waived the ESL placement test and/or ESL courses are required to take the regular Regents’ Essay and Reading Tests with no extended time. 


Students have two attempts to pass the Regents’ Essay Test before accumulating 45 semester hours of collegiate credit.  Students who do not pass the essay part of the test before earning 45 hours will be required to take RGTE 0199 (essay) every semester until they have passed the essay part of the test. 


Transfer students who have not taken ESL classes at GPC are also eligible to exempt the Regents’ Reading Test by taking the Regents’ Essay Test in an extended time format if their first language in not English, they either have transfer credit for ENGL 1101 or have taken the ESL placement test and exempted out of ESL, and have not previously attempted the Regents’ Test at another institution.  Transfer students must be enrolled for one term at GPC prior to registering for the Regents’ test unless it is required in their first term.


Once students have earned 54 semester hours of collegiate credit and still have not passed the Regents’ Essay Test they may not enroll in any courses other than the remediation course until they have passed the essay part of the test.


This option is for degree-seeking students only.



Approved by AAAC (Academic Affairs Advisory Council) 10-4-05

Approved by President’s Advisory Board 10-26-05 (Policy’s effective date (January 2006) and implementation strategy approved 12-14-05)