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336     Course Reinstatement Policy



Students who have had their classes purged due to non-payment will not be reinstated unless they have been purged due to a documented college error. 




Non-Financial Aid Students

Students who are not on financial aid and who have not paid tuition and fees by the stated deadline dates will be purged from classes.  They may re-enroll if they pay tuition and fees before the drop/add period for the term has ended.  There is no guarantee that students will be able to register for the same class sections they originally held.


Students who have a minimal debit balance on their account must pay the balance before the end of the second week of classes.  Once these students have been purged from classes due to lack of payment, they will not be reinstated.


Financial Aid Students

Students who apply for financial aid by the stated financial aid application deadline will be informed of the financial aid decision before the start of classes.  Students who apply for financial aid after the financial aid application deadline must pay registration and fees at the time of registration or defer their registration until the following semester when a financial aid decision will have been made.  


 Students who have been purged by a documented college error will be reinstated into the same classes.   Students who no longer wish to take one or more of their classes will have to withdraw following the withdrawal procedures.




Approved by President’s Advisory Board 6/23/09