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As a community committed to learning, it is expected that students attending Georgia Perimeter College will be honest in the presentation of their own academic work. In keeping with this expectation, the College recognizes and specifies that students shall not attempt to defraud, deceive or mislead an instructor in arriving at an honest grade assessment.

Any attempt to defraud, deceive or mislead constitutes cheating. Plagiarism is a form of cheating that involves presenting as one's own the ideas or work of another. Both cheating and plagiarism are examples of academic dishonesty. As applied to student users of Georgia Perimeter College computer systems, academic dishonesty also includes, but is not limited to:

  1. submitting the programs, documentation or program results of another person as one's own;
  2. obtaining or attempting to obtain unauthorized access to information stored in electronic form; and/or
  3. submitting false results of a program's output for a class assignment or falsifying the results of program execution for the purpose of improving a grade.
Students are informed of the Academic Honesty Policy through the Georgia Perimeter College Catalog, through the Student Handbook, and through applicable course syllabi, statements of course requirements, and statements of use of Georgia Perimeter College computer systems.

Both initial and any subsequent violation of this policy will result in a formal hearing by the Student College Court.


The student Academic Honesty Procedures are available to faculty members and other College personnel (hereinafter referred to as "faculty") who have reason to believe that a student has cheated or plagiarized. Prior to speaking to the student regarding the offense, the faculty member should have good reason to suspect that a student has committed these acts. The student must, in all cases, be given due process.

The College document "Report of Alleged Cheating or Plagiarism Incident," including a narrative describing the alleged offense, must be completed by the faculty member who chooses to bring a charge of cheating or plagiarism.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. A conference between the faculty member and student should be scheduled as soon as the incident occurs.
  2. During the conference, the faculty member should explore with the student the incident or act of cheating or plagiarism that forms the basis of the accusation.
  3. The content of the "Report of Alleged Cheating or Plagiarism Incident" should be discussed, and the student should sign in the designated space to acknowledge he or she has read and understood the report.
  4. At this point, the student may choose either to appeal the accusation (Option 1), or to admit to violating the instructor's and/or the College's cheating policy by signing under Option 2. In either case, the student is given copy 3 of the report, with copy 1 being forwarded to the campus Dean of Student Services.
  5. Should the student choose to admit the offense (Option 2), the student signs a second time before a witness. The student must then be given a copy of the Report and advised to make an appointment with the Dean of Student Affairs. The student's case shall be heard by the College Court and a penalty assigned. The faculty member is free to assign the grade he or she thinks is appropriate for the assignment or the semester.
  6. Should the student choose to deny the act and/or request a hearing (Option 1), then a copy of the Report should be given to the student. The student must then be advised to make an appointment with the Dean of Student Services. The Dean will explain the procedures of the College's judicial system and will initiate the proceedings as explained in the Georgia Perimeter College Student Handbook.
  7. A hearing will be arranged by the College Court Chief Justice during which the faculty member (accuser), student (accused), and witnesses will be called. A penalty in addition to the grade penalty which the faculty member may assign may be established by the Court if the student is found guilty.
  8. The student may choose to remain in the class (unless suspended) until the end of the semester. The faculty member assigns the grade appropriate according to the course syllabus. A grade of "NR" may be assigned if the case is in progress at the end of the grading period.
  9. Both student and faculty member have the right to appeal a decision of the Student College Court as outlined in the Georgia Perimeter College Catalog and the Georgia Perimeter College Student Handbook.

    Approved CAB 11/20/97 (Attachment)

    Georgia Perimeter College Campus Dean of Student Services Report of Alleged Cheating or Plagiarism Incident
    Date _______________________ Student's name __________________________________________ SS# ________-______-_________ Individual filing the report _________________________________ (Check) _____Full-time faculty Office Telephone ____________________ _____Part-time faculty Daytime Telephone ____________________ _____Other Daytime Telephone ____________________ Describe the alleged incident of cheating or plagiarism. Include date and time of incident, course and section number, room number (if relevant), and any witnesses. Use additional pages as needed, and sign and date at the end of the report narrative. Please attach copies of any supporting documentation. To the Student: Please read carefully. Copy 1 of this report will be forwarded to the campus Dean of Student Services for the purpose of starting the review process; copy 2 will be kept by the individual filing this charge; copy 3 goes to you, the student. Your signature on the line below does not indicate your acceptance that the report is true or that you admit that you have violated the policy, but only that you have read this report and understand it. Student should sign this document and receive copy 3. Student's Signature___________________________________________ Date______________________ You have two ways to proceed in this matter. Please read carefully before you decide. Option 1 You have a right to an appeal and a hearing if you choose. Your first step is to have a conference with the campus Dean of Student Services. Option 2 You may sign the following statement: "I agree that the incident is true." Student's Signature____________________________________________________ Date___________ Witness's Signature___________________________________________________ Date____________ (Witness must be someone other than the individual filing the charge.) A detailed explanation of the cheating and plagiarism policies and procedures is in the Georgia Perimeter College Catalog and the Georgia Perimeter College Student Handbook. Copies are available in all Georgia Perimeter College libraries. Revised 11/20/97