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402.0101                     FRESHMAN ADMISSIONS




All persons seeking admission to Georgia Perimeter College who have not previously attended any college or university must submit to the District Admissions and Records Office the following items:


A.        A properly completed official application form or on-line application provided by the College.


B.         A non-refundable application fee.


C.        Proof of secondary school graduation or equivalent:


1) An official transcript of secondary school credits showing evidence of graduation from an accredited secondary school with an academic or vocational diploma.


2) Official General Education Development (GED) scores.  Students who would have graduated within the previous 5 (five) years must also submit an official transcript of secondary school credits up to the point that they withdrew.  Students who have taken the GED will be reviewed for admission on an individual basis by the Assistant Director for Admissions and Records.


3) Home schooled students must submit a portfolio of secondary school work or appropriate SAT II subject exams.


D.        A record of scores on the Scholastic Aptitude Test from the College Entrance Examination Board or on the ACT Assessment Program from the American College Testing Program that meet the minimum requirements set by the College.


E.         Certificate of Immunization (Proof of Immunity for Measles, Mumps, Rubella).


F.         Applicants to career programs must complete a Truth in Advertising form.



Non-traditional students, those that have been out of high school at least five years or whose high school class graduated at least five years ago, are not required to submit SAT/ACT scores.  All freshmen, except for non-traditional and career program students, will be evaluated for the College Preparatory Curriculum (CPC) in the areas of English, foreign language, mathematics, natural science, and social science.  In addition to the CPC, a Freshman Index will be calculated for each student that will be used to determine admission.  The formula for the Freshman Index is 500(HSGPA) + SAT Verbal + SAT Math or 500(HSGPA) + 42(ACT Composite) + 88.


A limited number of admissions may be made for students not meeting the CPC and/or Freshman Index requirements.


All completed applications received on or before the institution's published best consideration due date will be processed.  The processing of applications received after the institution's published best consideration due date may be acted upon at the discretion of the institution.


Information regarding admissions for students other than U.S. citizens can be found in Policy 402.0505.



Revised 7/91

Revision: “DeKalb College” replaced with “Georgia Perimeter College” (5/2001)

Revised by SAPC 2003

Approved by CAB 6/25/03