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TRANSFER CREDIT             


The following are is the Georgia Perimeter College procedures policy for accepting credit by transfer:


A.     Georgia Perimeter College accepts will review college credits from regionally accredited institutions for transfer.


B.     Ordinarily, credit will may be given for equivalent lower division collegiate courses with passing grades unless otherwise noted.


C.     Transferred credits must be “C” or better in ENGL 1101 – 1102 and MATH 1101, 1111, and 1113.


D.     Students completing an area of the core curriculum at other University System of Georgia institutions will receive full credit for that area upon transfer to another system institutionGeorgia Perimeter College within the same major.  In area A, students will receive credit for courses taken regardless of whether the area is completed. 


E.   Quarter hour credits are equated to semester hour credits by applying the formula, 1 quarter hour=0.67 semester hour.


F    Credit hours assigned to transferred courses are the same as the credit hours awarded at the sending institution when credit hours do not exceed the number of credit hours assigned to equivalent courses at Georgia Perimeter College.


G.  A maximum of eight semester hours of courses not offered at Georgia Perimeter College and not included in Item D may be accepted.


H.  In accordance with BOR Policy, Georgia Perimeter College accepts will review only 190 level and above courses from COC accredited DTAE institutions for transfer.


I.    Transfer credit from a college or university outside the United States may be reviewed only when the transcript is accompanied by a professional evaluation from a professional credential evaluation agency approved by Georgia Perimeter College.



Revised by Student Affairs Policy Council:  3/17/04

Revised by Admissions Policy Review Committee 6/17/04

Reviewed by Student Affairs Advisory Council:  2/2/05

Approved by Student Affairs Advisory Council:  3/14/05

Approved by President’s Advisory Board:  4/27/05