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Joint Enrollment/Early Admissions









Selected applicants may enter Georgia Perimeter College under an Early Admissions plan.  Under this plan the following criteria and selection procedure will apply:


A.  The applicant should lack no more than 75 hours (5 units) for graduation from high school at the time of admission to college.


B.  The applicant should have a minimum total of 900 on the SAT with at least a 410 verbal score and an overall high school average of “B.”


C.  The student should have a letter of recommendation from a high school counselor or principal.  This letter should specify the courses the student lacks for high school graduation.


Revised 7/91

Revision: “DeKalb College” replaced with “Georgia Perimeter College” (5/2001)










Georgia Perimeter College cooperates with high schools offering a Joint Enrollment Program whereby students may take college courses while still in high school and earn both high school and college credit for the course.  Admissions criteria for this program are:


A.  A minimum high school 3.0 cumulative grade point average.


B.  SAT scores totaling 900 (English courses require at least a 410 SAT verbal; mathematics courses require a 480 SAT mathematics score).


C.  A letter of recommendation from a high school counselor or principal.


D.D.                 Verification that the applicant lacks no more than 75 hours (5 units) for high school graduation.



Revision: “DeKalb College” replaced with “Georgia Perimeter College” (5/2001)



Joint Enrollment/Early Admissions

Georgia Perimeter College, in accordance with University System of Georgia policy, recognizes the need to provide academically talented high school students with opportunities for acceleration of their formal academic programs. This recognition has led to the development of two organized programs:


1.      A joint enrollment program in which the student, while continuing his/her enrollment in high school as a junior or senior, enrolls in courses for college credit; and


2.      An early admission program in which the student enrolls as a full-time college student following completion of the junior year in high school.


The minimum admission standards for both the joint enrollment and early admission programs have been developed to allow certain advanced students to receive both high school and college credit for some courses.

1.             Admission Standards


a.             Minimum SAT I score of 970, combined Verbal and Mathematics sections, or ACT Composite of 20 with a SAT I Verbal score of at least 530 or ACT English score of 23;

b.             Minimum cumulative high school grade point average of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale in courses taken from the required 16 CPC units;

c.             Exemption of all LS requirements for early admission;

d.             Written consent of parent or guardian (if the student is a minor);

e.             Completion of the University System of Georgia CPC requirements with the following exceptions:

Students with SAT I Mathematics score of at least 530 or ACT Mathematics score of at least 22 who have not completed the final unit of mathematics may be permitted to fulfill those high school requirements with the appropriate college courses taken through the joint enrollment or early admissions program.

With the exception of the final units of high school English, social studies and/or mathematics (effective with the high school graduating class of 2001) taken by students with qualifying SAT or ACT scores, a college course may not be used to fulfill the University System of Georgia's CPC requirements. Students who have not completed the 13 CPC requirements beyond these three exceptions may be admitted through the joint enrollment program if they are enrolled in the necessary high school courses and are scheduled to complete the requirements by the end of the senior year.


2.             Acceptance of Transfer Credit: Joint Enrollment/Early Admissions

Units of the University System of Georgia are prohibited from accepting transfer credit awarded by any college or university to students enrolled in joint high school and college enrollment programs unless those students have a minimum SAT I score of 970 (or ACT Composite of 20) and a HSGPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.


Approved by Student Affairs Advisory Council: 2/2/05

Approved by President’s Advisory Board: 4/27/05 (This combined policy for Joint Enrollment and Early Admissions collapsed the previous Policy 402.0113 Early Admissions and Policy 402.0114 Joint Enrollment Admissions into one revised policy)