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405                  INFANTS AND UNDERAGE CHILDREN IN     





It is the goal of Georgia Perimeter College to provide a safe and effective environment for students and employees to learn and to work.  Generally, children under the age of sixteen (16) are not allowed in the College classroom(s).  Due to the particular dangers in the College laboratories, under no circumstances, whatsoever, should children be allowed in the College laboratories.  A parent or adult guardian shall be responsible for the supervision of children who are visiting the College campus.  Parents or guardians of children who are considered disruptive or unsupervised may be asked to remove the children from the premises.  The classroom instructor, department head or Dean for Academic Services shall have the discretion to determine whether the presence of children is disruptive.


As a place of employment, the College is an inappropriate place for children.  Thus, the College cannot and will not assume any responsibility for employee’s children on campus.  Children who are visiting on College premises must be supervised at all times by the parent or adult guardian; employees are not permitted to baby-sit during normal working hours.  Parents will be asked to remove any child(ren) who is/are unsupervised or disruptive to the normal flow of business in the department or work unit.  Immediate supervisors shall have the discretion to determine whether the presence of children is disruptive.


The policy shall not apply to students under the age of sixteen (16) who are enrolled in a course or program, either for credit or non-credit, or recreation, or who are attending any event on campus which is open to the public.



Revised 8/96


Revision:  “DeKalb College” replaced with “Georgia Perimeter College” (5/2001)