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406.035                       ALCOHOL ON CAMPUS




Georgia Perimeter College supports the laws of Georgia with respect to the sale, use, distribution, and possession of alcoholic beverages on college campuses and at off-campus college related events.  Toward this end, alcoholic beverages may not be sold, used, distributed or possessed by employees or students of Georgia Perimeter College in violation of state or local law or inconsistently with University System policy and the following guidelines:


A.        All employees, including tenured faculty members, before the end of their contract term may be dismissed for teaching or working under the influence of alcohol which interferes with their performance of duty or responsibilities to the institution or to their profession; or conviction or admission of guilt in a court proceeding provided that Georgia Perimeter College has complied with procedural process requirements. 


B.         Employees of Georgia Perimeter College may make written application to serve alcoholic beverages on campus or at an off-campus college related event to the Executive Vice President for Administrative and Financial Services through the appropriate supervisor.  The application shall describe the nature of the proposed activity, including the date, time, place, and the individuals or group to whom the alcoholic beverages will be served.  Such application shall be made no less than fourteen (14) working days prior to the planned event and shall not be undertaken without written authorization from the President.


C.        Authorization for serving alcoholic beverages shall be within the discretion of the Executive Vice President and shall be based upon but not limited to the following circumstances:


            1.         The group of persons to whom the alcoholic beverages will be served is a professional organization of which no members are below drinking age;


            2.         The event at which the alcoholic beverage will be served will take place at a time when no classes are in session on the College campuses;


            3.         No state funds will be used for the purchase of alcoholic beverages.


D.        Disciplinary action for violation of this policy may include dismissal or sanctions.



Revised ADCAB 8/21/90


Revision:  “DeKalb College” replaced with “Georgia Perimeter College” (5/2001)