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406.036                       DRUGS ON CAMPUS




A.        The manufacture, distribution, sale, possession or use of controlled substances or illegal drugs on campus is prohibited and punishable under the Student Conduct Code as well as state and federal laws. 


B.         Any student organization which through its officers, agents, or responsible members knowingly permits, authorizes, or condones the manufacture, sale, distribution, possession, serving, consumption or use of controlled substances or other illegal drugs at any affair, function, or activity, social or otherwise, shall have its recognition as a student organization withdrawn, and after complying with the constitutional requirement of due process, shall be expelled from the campus for a minimum of one calendar year from the date of determination of guilt.  The use of college property or facilities shall also be prohibited for at least one year.  Any lease, rental agreement or other document between the Board of Regents or Georgia Perimeter College and the student organization will be terminated.  All sanctions imposed shall be subject to review procedures authorized by the Board of Regents (Article IX of the Bylaws).



Revised 8/8/91

Revision:  “DeKalb College” replaced with “Georgia Perimeter College” (5/2001)

Revised by SAPC 2003

Approved by CAB 6/25/03