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407      academic policies for financial aid




In order to be considered for financial aid, a Student must be in “Good Academic Standing” and maintain “Satisfactory Progress” in their program according to the statement below:


Federal regulations require that Students maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in their course of study to continue receiving Federal Title IV Financial Aid.  Failure to maintain SAP will result in the loss of Federal Title IV Financial Aid.  Federal Title IV Financial Aid includes:


                .  PELL Grant

                .  Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

                .  Stafford Loans (Subsidized and Unsubsidized)

                .  PLUS loan

                .  Federal Work Study Program

                .  HOPE Scholarship (HOPE is not Title IV aid, but is affected)


Satisfactory Academic Progress can be separated into qualitative and quantitative measures.  Students must meet both requirements to continue receiving financial aid. (A more detailed explanation can be found in the Georgia Perimeter College Catalog) These standards apply to part-time students as well as full-time students.


l.              QUALITATIVE: Any student whose cumulative grade point average falls below                

1.75 will be placed on financial aid probation.  If the cumulative grade point average falls below the minimum in the table, the student is no longer eligible for financial aid.  The hours on the chart include transfer hours.


Attempted Hours

Minimum CGPA

  0 – 12


13 – 27


28 – 36


37 – 59


60 – 90




2.                    QUANTITATIVE:  Students must pass and earn credit for 67% of all courses attempted.       

Courses earned include grades of A, B, C, D or S.  Courses attempted include any course in which grades of A, B, C, D, F, W, WF, I, S, U or IP is given.


3.                    WITHDRAWALS:  Any course in which a W or WF is given is counted in hours attempted.  Student should be aware that excessive withdrawals from classes could result in the loss of eligibility for financial aid.  In addition, students may be required to repay unearned aid for complete withdrawals and will lose their eligibility if they fail to do so.           


4.                    INCOMPLETE COURSES: Any course in which an “I” or “IP” is given as a grade is counted in hours attempted.  However, it is not included as earned until such time as the course is complete and a grade is given.


5.             LEARNING SUPPORT AND ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE: Learning Support (LS) and English as a Second Language (ESL) courses are considered remedial courses. Federal regulations set limits on the maximum hours students can receive financial aid for attempting remedial courses. Financial aid may be used for a maximum of 30 semester credit hours of LS courses and 30 semester credit hours of ESL courses. Once this maximum is reached, students will not be eligible for financial aid until they exit LS and ESL courses. Learning Support and ESL courses will count toward the maximum attempted hours allowed for the degree.


6.             MAXIMUM TIME FRAME: Georgia Perimeter College offers two-year degrees that require approximately 60 semester hours to graduate.  Applying the 150% rule, the maximum credit hours (excluding Learning Support courses and English as a Second Language) that a student can attempt at GPC and receive federal and state financial aid are 90 semester credits (60 credits in a program of study x 150%).  Once the students earn 60 credits, including transfer hours, the student is considered to have earned the equivalent of an Associate Degree.  Students must complete 67% of courses attempted at GPC.  Students who wish to earn a second Associate Degree may request that their eligibility be extended to a maximum of 120 attempted semester hours or 90 earned hours, whichever comes first.  Students must present a written statement from their department head confirming that they have met all requirements for the first degree.  Additional courses beyond the first degree are limited to the courses required for the second degree.


CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS: Students in Certificate Programs must also make progress toward the completion of their programs.  Students will be reviewed after each semester to ensure that they are progressing toward graduation. Students must maintain a “C” average each term and maintain a 67% completion rate. The maximum timeframe may not exceed 150% of the program. (A more detailed explanation can be found in the Georgia Perimeter College Catalogue.)


APPEALS PROCESS: Students who fail to establish good academic standing or to make satisfactory academic progress (SAP) become ineligible for financial aid.  If the student has mitigating circumstances beyond his/her control that affected his/her ability to meet SAP standards, the student may appeal the loss of his/her eligibility.  To appeal the loss of eligibility, a student must complete a Georgia Perimeter CollegeFinancial Aid Appeal Form” and submit it with appropriate documentation to the Financial Aid Appeals Committee.  The documentation must be directly related to the events that affected the student’s ability to meet SAP standards.  The appeal should also include the steps the student will take to ensure progress in the future.   The student will be notified by mail the decision of the appeal.  If the appeal is approved, it will list specific requirements the student must meet to continue to receive financial aid.  If a student’s appeal is denied, the student may regain eligibility by meeting the conditions listed in the following section.


REINSTATEMENT OF FINANCIAL AID ELIGIBILITY: If a student fails to meet standards of academic progress and does not have mitigating circumstances; or the student fails to meet the conditions of an appeal, the student may have his/her aid reinstated by accomplishing the following:


.  enroll in at least 6 credit hours of courses required for a degree,

.  pay his/her fees without the use of financial aid, and

.  complete all courses attempted with at least a “C” grade.


Once the student has met the listed requirements, he/she may submit an appeal form along with a copy of the current grade report.  Upon receipt of the appeal form and verification of the student’s grades, the student may be awarded financial aid on a semester by semester basis.  As long as the student completes all courses attempted with a “C” grade or better, he/she may remain eligible for financial aid.



Revision:  DeKalb College” replaced with “Georgia Perimeter College” (5/2001)

Revised by Student Affairs Advisory Council (9/2005)

Approved by President’s Advisory Board (10/26/2005