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  1. Adopt-A-School funds are provided through the Student Activities Budget by the Student Activities Advisory Council from funds derived solely through student fees.
  2. Adopt-A-School funds are provided for the purposes of generally improving the school climate at the adopted school, improving the academic performance of students, and fostering a sense of worth among the teachers and staff of the adopted school. The expenditure of such funds is the responsibility of the Adopt-A-School sponsor on each campus, which sponsor serves as the budget manager for the respective Adopt-A-School budget for the campus' adopted school.
  3. Adopt-A-School funds are intended to be used primarily for reimbursing departments or divisions for supplies and materials expended in working for or at the adopted school.
  4. Adopt-A-School funds may be used to purchase awards to be given to selected students.
  5. Adopt-A-School funds may be used to provide for scholarships to be used at DeKalb College.
  6. Adopt-A-School funds may be used to provide refreshments.
  7. Although Adopt-A-School funds may be used for the purchase of equipment, either directly or jointly with the adopted school, this practice is discouraged. Likewise discouraged, although technically permissible, is the support of entire meal functions.
  8. Adopt-A-School funds are not to be awarded to the adopted school for their discretionary use.

Revised 7/11/89