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As an institution of higher education, Georgia Perimeter College seeks to foster a "free marketplace of ideas" in support of the ideas written in our state and national constitutions. To that end, Georgia Perimeter College allows the display of non-college publications on its campuses. The regulations contained herein in no way approve, disapprove, support, or fail to support the content of the publications included in this policy. The policy simply assists Georgia Perimeter College in the use and management of college facilities.


1. An Agreement for Display of Non-College Publication must be on file in the Office of Student Activities at the campus where a publication is to be displayed. Agreements are renewable annually, however, all agreements may be canceled at the discretion of Georgia Perimeter College at any time by giving two weeks notice.

2. Display locations will be identified by the Office of Student Activities on each campus, and all locations are solely within the discretion of Georgia Perimeter College.

3. Appropriate display racks, provided by each publication, must be used.

4. Publications that are primarily advertisements are subject to the Georgia Perimeter College Sales and Solicitation Policy, consequently, any publications which are deemed by Georgia Perimeter College to be an advertisement will be removed and the agreement subject to be canceled.

5. Each publisher must keep his/her rack clean and in good order, with only current issues on display.

6. Georgia Perimeter College display racks (i.e., The Collegian, registration information, college forms) may not be used by non-college publications.

7. Georgia Perimeter College retains the right to modify these regulations and to take action including, but not limited to:

removing outdated issues of a publication

changing display locations

canceling any agreement


AdCab 2/16/95

College Advisory Board 10/23/97

Georgia Perimeter College

Agreement for Display of Non-College Publications


Campus: _________________________________________________________

Contact: _________________________________________________________

Authorized display location(s): ________________________________________


Publication Name: _________________________________________________

Contact: __________________________________________________________

Frequency of publication: ____________________________________________

Number of copies to be displayed: ____________________________________


I have read and understand the attached policy on Display of Non-Campus Publications at Georgia Perimeter College. I understand that it is the responsibility of my company/publication, and all company employees and representatives, to abide by all Georgia Perimeter College regulations. A sign will be exhibited above the display which states: Georgia Perimeter College in no way approves, disapproves, supports, or fails to support the content of the publications displayed.



_________________________________ ____________________________________

Signature Signature

Non-College Publications Representative Georgia Perimeter College Representative


Printed Name: Printed Name:

Title: Title:

Publication: Campus:

Address: Address:

Phone Number: Phone Number:

Date: Date: