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Fund raising as it pertains to student organizations is defined as the seeking of funds or support by a student group from sources other than its members, including the procurement of supplies and other forms of support; the selling or distribution of items, materials, products, or services; and the sponsorship of events where admission is charged.

  1. Only official registered student organizations or clubs of DeKalb College will be authorized to conduct fund raising projects.
  2. All student organization or club fund raising project proposals must be submitted to the Office of Student Activities for approval by the Director at least two (2) weeks prior to the proposed event.
  3. Fund Raising Project Request Forms may be obtained from the Office of Student Activities.
  4. Projects may not in any way interfere with normal academic programs or functions.
  5. The proposed fund raising project should not interfere with existing College-operated services, contracts, or College Development (fund raising) activities. Projects which would present extended competition with products or services that are available through an existing College-operated contract with a commercial vendor will not be approved.
  6. Use of campus mail service is prohibited.
  7. Fund raising is not permitted in offices, classrooms, corridors or food facilities. Fund raising on campus may be conducted only in areas approved by the Director of Student Activities.
  8. An organization or club may not use coercive acts that might intimidate those persons from whom support is sought.
  9. Advertisements for fund raising projects must follow the bulletin board policy.
  10. A maximum of three (3) fund raising projects (one per quarter) will be allowed during the academic year for each student organization or club.
  11. Procedures for collecting monies must be approved by the Office of Student Activities and all monies will be submitted to the Office of Student Activities for proper processing and accounting. No outside accounts are permitted.
  12. Fund raising projects must abide by local, state, and federal laws and regulations.
  13. DeKalb College will not accept any type of financial liability with reference to the student fund raising projects. Written acknowledgment of this fact must be made by the student organization or club president on a Fund Raising Project Request Form. All financial expenditures and liability necessary for any project must be underwritten as a condition of approval of each project.

Approved Administrative Team 12/14/95

DeKalb College

Request to Conduct a Fund Raising Project


 _________ Campus _______ Proposal Attached

_________________ Quarter



Name of Student Organization or Club:__________________________________________________________

Project Title:____________________________________________________________________________


Date(s) of Project:_________________________________________________________________________

Purpose (Summarize the nature or the project and how the student organization or club and student body will benefit from this fund raiser.):

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (Attach proposal.)

_______________________________________ _______________________________

Name of Requestee (Please print legibly) Signature of Requestee


Signature of Organization or Club Advisor

*Note: Project proposal must accompany request form to receive consideration.


 __________ Request Approved ____________ Request Denied


__________________________ ___________________________

Director of Student Date