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Georgia Perimeter College

Section 400 – Student Affairs








Consistent with the policies of the Board of Regents, it is the policy of Georgia Perimeter College that decisions should be made in consultation with those affected, that participation in governance bodies should be broad-based, and that communication with respect to decision-making should be available to the entire College community.  Such a policy is also consistent with the College’s stated mission of having “academic programs and student support services [which] focus…on…learning by engaging students actively and collaboratively.”


[From Shared Governance Policy, June 5, 1996 – College’s Mission Statement]





1.         A.        Consistent with this policy, students shall be selected to serve on the following

                        College-wide Board and Councils:


                        College Advisory Board

                        Academic Affairs Policy Council

                        Student Affairs Policy Council

                        Institutional Effectiveness Policy Council

                        Administrative Services Policy Council

                        Information and Instructional Technology Policy Council


B.                 Selection to this Board and these Councils shall be consistent with the by-laws of each body.  In the event that a member needs to be replaced, the process for replacement shall be as specified in the by-laws of each body.


2.                  The Student Affairs Policy Council shall review the status of student representation on the Board and Councils each year and shall make such recommendations as it deems necessary to either add or delete student representatives from either present or future Boards or Councils.


3.                  Committees and Task Forces, whether such report to College-wide bodies or are Campus-based, are strongly encouraged to have student representatives among the membership of such groups. Such members may be appointed, selected, or elected for membership.


4.                  Students who are not members of the Board can make recommendations to the student

representative on the Board and/or any member on the Board.




Approved by CAB 1/25/01