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Section 400

SECTION 400                        STUDENT AFFAIRS


418                                          CELL PHONE USE POLICY



Cell Phone Use Policy


Georgia Perimeter College prohibits student use of cell phones, pagers, or similar communication devices in classrooms, laboratory areas, libraries, and Learning and Tutoring Centers.  Exceptions to this policy, due to special circumstances, shall be at the discretion of the supervisor in the individual area.


Cell Phone Use Policy in Testing Centers


Georgia Perimeter College does not permit cell phones, pagers or similar communication devices in the Testing Centers. Student arriving at the Testing Centers with cell phones, pagers or similar communication devices will be required to surrender them.  These devices will be securely stored in the front office at the owner’s liability.  Failure to adhere to the policy will result in the rescheduling of the test and/or formal charges.




Violations of the Cell Phone Use Policy in any of the areas listed above may lead to formal charges of academic dishonesty, class disruption or other charges as documented in the Student Conduct Code of the Georgia Perimeter College Student Handbook.









Approved by the PAB 5/27/08