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The following procedures are to be used by all Georgia Perimeter College personnel in determining the acceptability of research proposals involving the use of College faculty, staff, and students.


A.        All research proposals from outside organizations will be submitted in writing to the Director of Research and Institutional Advancement.


            The Director will review the proposal for acceptance.  If deemed necessary, the proposal will be submitted to a joint meeting of the Academic Affairs and Student Affairs Councils for review and recommendation.


            The Director of Research and Institutional Advancement will approve or disapprove research with a copy of the decision going to the appropriate Division Chair and the Dean of Academic Services.


B.         Requests from Georgia Perimeter College faculty, staff, and/or students will be submitted in writing to the appropriate Division Chair.


            After consultation with the Dean of Academic Services or designee, the Division Chair will recommend approval or disapproval of the proposed research to the Director of Research and Institutional Advancement.    


            The director will notify the person(s) making the request whether or not approval is granted.  (Copy of approval or disapproval should go to Dean of Academic Services and Division Chair.)


C.        Proposals for research must address:


            1.         Detailed account of the actual procedures, including numbers, timetables, and devices to be used.


            2.         Sample copies of questionnaires and any written procedures must accompany the written proposal.


            3.         Specific subject matter to be investigated must be spelled out in detail.


            4.         Individuals responsible for conducting a survey must be identified and a brief statement of their qualifications to conduct such research must be supplied.


            5.         The College reserves the right to require individuals requesting assistance in research to make personal presentations before the appropriate officer or committee prior to approval or rejections of the proposal.


D.        All proposals must be accompanied by documentation that the research has been approved by the appropriate institution.


E.         All proposals must clearly indicate safeguard mechanisms being employed to assure the physical and psychological protection of subject.


F.         All proposals must include a provision permitting the College full access and utilization of any data generated.



Revised 2/13/90

Revision:  “DeKalb College” replaced with “Georgia Perimeter College” (8/2001)