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The procedure to be followed in submitting grant applications to external organizations is listed below.

  1. The intention to submit a grant application or renewal should be made known to the Director of Research and Institutional Advancement (DRIA).
  2. DRIA, upon such notification of intention, will request the following information from the submitter(s):
    1. Granting agency;
    2. Type and level of information presently available;

3. Deadline date (hand delivery and mail);

4. Anticipated funding level; and

    1. Brief content overview.
  1. DRIA will provide to the submitter(s), in writing, a time frame which will serve as a guide to assure that the grant application can be reviewed and processed in a timely fashion. This time frame will coordinate:
    1. Initial notification;
    2. Submission of content and budget draft to DRIA:
    3. Review of drafts by DRIA and the Executive Vice President for Administrative and Financial Services;
    4. Submission of final copy to DRIA for final review and signature;
    5. Application deadline(s).


  1. A copy of this time frame will be provided to the submitter's supervisors and to the Executive Vice President for Administrative and Financial Services.
  2. DRIA will provide a signature sheet to the proposal submitter upon the return of the draft content and budget.
  3. Submission of the final copy of the grant application to DRIA for final review and signature will entail the following steps:
    1. Proposal submitter will secure approval for submission from his/her appropriate supervisors, the Provost, and the Dean of Academic Services. Proposals submitted by multi-campuses will require the signature of the appropriate representatives from each individual campus.
    2. Proposal submitter will deliver the proposal signature sheet indicating approval by the supervisor, Associate Academic Dean, and the Dean of Academic Services to DRIA together with the original and two copies of the final proposal to be submitted.
    3. DRIA will coordinate the involvement of the Executive Vice President for Administrative and Financial Services and the President through the completion of the review and signature process.
  1. The responsibility for making the necessary number of copies for submission to the granting agency and for delivery rests with the proposal submitter. The responsibility for completing necessary compliance forms rests with DRIA.

Revised 10/20/94