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711.0504         VEHICLE REGULATIONS\IMPOUNDMENT                           




Georgia Perimeter College reserves the right to impound any vehicle on its campuses in accordance with OCGA 44-1-13 for the following reasons:


            A.        Traffic violations on the fourth and subsequent tickets within the academic year;


            B.         Vehicles presenting a traffic or pedestrian hazard;


            C.        Vehicles in prohibited or tow away zones to include fire hydrants, handicap areas, and loading zones;


            D.        Vehicles parked on lawns, grounds, or walkways;


            E.         Abandoned vehicles;


            F.         Incident to arrest.




The authorization to impound vehicles is directed by the Director of Protective Services.




Appropriate signs will be erected at each entrance to the campus indicating that vehicles can be removed in accordance with OCGA 44-1-13.  Each sign will indicate the wrecker company which will remove said vehicles and where the vehicle may be recovered.


Any company providing towing services for Georgia Perimeter College must be duly licensed and authorized to operate in the State of Georgia.  Wrecker companies must provide adequate signs free of charge indicating the requirements of OCGA 44-1-13.


All companies must be available on a 24-hour basis and be able to provide a reasonable response time to the campus.  Wrecker companies must have a 24-hour manned storage area and be able to provide for the security of any vehicle impounded.  A reasonable storage fee may be charged on a per day basis in addition to the cost of towing a vehicle.


Vehicles impounded as a result of a criminal investigation or serious traffic accident investigation will not be released until authorized by proper judicial authority.





Any vehicle not claimed within the State's legal period of time may be sold at auction by the wrecker company and the proceeds distributed in accordance with State law.


The wrecker service impounding any vehicle will release the vehicle to its rightful owner upon proper payment of any fines due Georgia Perimeter College, and impound/storage fees due the wrecker company.  Payment receipts must be provided.  Whenever a vehicle is released, the wrecker company will telephone the appropriate Protective Service Office to verify the amount of fine, and provide the name, address, and other data as needed to the Protective Service Department.  A copy of the impound release form will also be mailed to the Protective Service Department within 3 working days of the release.


All wrecker services engaged in the removal of vehicles from the campuses of Georgia Perimeter College will sign and have on file a Letter of Agreement with the College.  This Letter of Agreement will serve as an informal contract that may be broken at any time by either party.  This document will serve to establish the operating procedures and cost of impounding a vehicle.


The cost of impounding a vehicle and the daily storage fee will be determined by the wrecker company.


The wrecker company will not have a basis for requesting payment until the operator has made an effort to physically hook up to the vehicle.  Once this effort has been made, the wrecker company will be authorized to take payment.  Payment may be taken at the scene or at the wrecker's impound yard.


The wrecker company will be held responsible for all damages done to a vehicle in the process of its impoundment and storage.  The wrecker company will also be responsible for any property contained on or within any impounded vehicle.


The wrecker company will agree to release said vehicles in accordance with previously stated record keeping and College notification procedures.


Revised ADCAB 11/25/91

Revision:  “DeKalb College” replaced with “Georgia Perimeter College” (8/2001)