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  1. The basic criteria for the appointment and promotion of faculty in the several institutions of the University System shall be appropriate qualifications and performance as set forth in the policies of the Board of Regents. Relationship by a family of marriage shall constitute neither an advantage nor a disadvantage.
  2. No individual shall be employed in a department or unit under the supervision of a relative who has or may have a direct effect on the individual's progress, performance, or welfare. Therefore, sub-section B is interpreted as follows: No individual shall be employed in an academic department, division, or other sub-unit of a System institution in which he/she will be under the direct supervision of a relative as defined in Regents' Policy 802.03 or in which the relative's responsibility includes primary evaluation of the employee's performance for purposes of promotion, retention, tenure, compensation, or other elements directly affecting the employee's welfare. In other words, there must be at least one level of administrative supervision between the employee and the relative. The supervisor at that level must be directly responsible for the employee's supervision and evaluation.
  3. For the purpose of this policy, relatives are defined as husbands and wives, parents and children, brothers, sisters, and any in-laws of any of the foregoing.