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802.05†††††††††††† FACULTY CREDENTIALS


To outline the professional and scholarly preparation requirements for faculty teaching at the associate degree level.

  1. Both full and part-time faculty members teaching courses in each of the following areas - humanities and fine arts; social and behavioral science; natural sciences and mathematics; and, when taught as pre-baccalaureate courses, education and business - must have completed at least l8 graduate semester hours in their teaching field and hold a master's degree from a regionally accredited institution (member of CHEA).
  2. In a few special areas, approved by the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, this requirement may be met by having a combination of courses in the teaching field and in a directly related field. Normally, a majority of courses (12 semester hours or 20 quarter hours) must be in the teaching field.
  1. In certain exceptional cases, approved by the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, unique experience and demonstrated competence may substitute for advanced academic preparation (e.g., including physical education activities, dance-related courses, and various fields of the visual and performing arts).
  2. A master's degree from a regionally accredited institution (member of CHEA) is normally required for all full-time faculty members. For faculty teaching in career programs, work experience in the field must be documented.
  3. Many colleges and universities existing outside of the United States are not subject to the U.S. system of regional accreditation. In the event that either a full-time or a part-time faculty memberís masterís degree is not from a regionally accredited institution the following items must be satisfied.

1.†† The faculty memberís graduate transcript must be evaluated by an outside party that specializes in the evaluation of international transcripts. (The Department of Human Resources will provide a list of these agencies to the faculty member.)

      1. If the transcript is in English only a document evaluation is required.
      2. If the transcript is not in English a course by course evaluation is required.

2.†† The required evaluation must be completed before a faculty member can be hired on a permanent basis. The responsibility for the completion of this evaluation falls to the faculty member.

  1. Part-time faculty teaching in career programs must have at least an associate's degree and must have documented work experience in the field.
  2. A master's degree is required for full-time learning support faculty but a bachelor's degree for part-time faculty will be considered. Both full and part-time learning support faculty must have a degree in an area related to the teaching field and must have either teaching experience in the field or graduate courses in remedial education. Learning support faculty teaching college-level courses must meet the l8 graduate semester hour requirement.
  3. All graduate degrees must be earned from a regionally accredited institution (member of CHEA) for purposes of determining employment, salary, promotion or title.

Approved: CAB 09/99

Revised and Approved: CAB 09/27/01