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802.07a†††††††††††††††††††††† SUMMER ASSIGNMENTS

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† COMPENSATION/GUIDELINES FOR FACULTY

Full-time, tenure-track faculty members who wish to teach during the summer semester will need to review the procedures and responsibilities involved. Such faculty members are eligible, ifclasses are available, to teach one three-or four-hour class for ten (10) percent or two three- or four-hour classes for twenty (20) percent of their regular nine month compensation for the previous academic year. In addition, with Department Chair approval, they may teach an additional class for part-time pay. Faculty members teaching for percentage pay, in addition to teaching one or two classes, have a professional commitment to:

        work on curriculum, participate in advisement and consult with students;

        assist with registration, drop/add, and registration for fall;

        work on projects assigned by the Department Chair

The faculty member and the department chair should have in writing the faculty memberís distribution of office hours and other professional obligations relating to GPC.

Faculty teaching one class for ten (10) percent will maintain at least 30 hours of professional commitment and office hours during the summer term they teach.These hours should be distributed evenly throughout the 5 or 11 weeks of the term.††Faculty teaching two classes for twenty (20) percent will maintain at least 60 hours of professional commitment and office hours per week during the summer term they teach.These hours should be distributed evenly throughout the 5 or 11 weeks of the term.Faculty teaching distance learning classes will be expected to hold an appropriate number of office hours on campus as a portion of the total office hours required in order to fulfill their professional commitment to the College.

Office hours, which include time devoted to professional commitment, must be scheduled at times beneficial to students and the Department.For those who wish to teach courses without the additional responsibilities described above, part-time pay is available.

Full-time, temporary instructors are not eligible for percentage pay.If offered a summer assignment, payment will be at the part-time faculty rate.




Approved by College Advisory Board:9/23/99

Revisions by Human Resources Advisory Council:3/03; 1/04; 7/04

Approved by the Presidentís Advisory Board:4/27/05 Ė Policy effective Summer 2005