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802.0810               MISCELLANEOUS LEAVE


A.                 Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) – When exempt employees are absent from work for less than one scheduled workday and their accumulated leave is insufficient to cover the partial day of absence, they shall be placed on FLSA leave with pay for the period of absence.

B.                 Court Duty – Court duty leave with pay shall be granted to regular employees for the purpose of serving on a jury or as a witness.  Such leave shall be granted upon presentation of official orders from the appropriate court.

C.                 Voting – Employees of Georgia Perimeter College are encouraged to exercise their constitutional right to vote in all federal, state, and local elections.  If election polls are not open at least two (2) hours before or two (2) hours after an employee’s normally scheduled work shift, sufficient leave time must be granted to permit the employee to vote.  In this instance, employees will grant the employee a two-hour block of time in which to vote, if needed.

D.                 Military Physical Examination – Any regular employee required by Federal law to take a military physical examination shall be paid for any time lost to take such an examination.

E.                  Personal Leave – At the discretion of the President, personal leave of absence without pay for periods not to exceed one year may be approved.  Such approved personal leave shall allow the employee the right to elect to continue group insurance benefits.

F.                  Leave for Organ and Marrow Donation – Each employee who serves as an organ donor for the purpose of transplantation shall receive a leave of absence with pay for thirty days.  Each employee who serves as a bone marrow donor for the purpose of transplantation shall receive a leave of absence with pay for seven days. Leave taken under this provision shall not be charged against or deducted from an employee’s accrued annual or sick leave.  Such leave shall be included as service in computing any retirement or pension benefits.  This provision shall apply only to an employee who actually donates an organ or marrow and who presents to the Office of Human Resources a statement from a licensed medical practitioner or hospital administrator that the employee is making an organ or marrow donation.

G.                 Other Leave – In the event of inclement weather or any emergency which requires leaves of absence of employees, the President may declare leave with or without pay.


Approved by College Advisory Board 2/26/03