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802.1610         OUTSIDE ACTIVITIES


 An employee of Georgia Perimeter College should avoid actual or apparent conflict of interests between his/her college or University System obligations and his/her outside activities. An employee of Georgia Perimeter College shall not engage in any occupation, pursuit, or endeavor which will interfere with the regular and punctual discharge of official College duties and responsibilities.  The Board of Regents may from time to time adopt additional restrictions and limitations on outside activities of employees as set forth in the Board of Regents Policy Manual.


  1. Outside Activity - any occupation, pursuit, or endeavor of any kind (other than official duties for which one receives compensation from the University System of Georgia) which is to be performed during the regular work day or the performance of which would interfere with the regular and punctual performance of duties or services to Georgia Perimeter College. Outside activities include, but are not limited to consulting, teaching, speaking, and participating in business or service enterprises.
  2. Consulting Activity - any activity outside the duties and responsibilities assigned by the College, which is professional in nature, based in the appropriate discipline, to be performed during the contract year, and for which the individual receives compensation.


  1. All full-time faculty, administrators, and other professional staff members of Georgia Perimeter College are expected to give full professional effort to their assignments of teaching, research, and service.
  2. Professional employees are encouraged to participate in professional activity that does not interfere with the regular and punctual discharge of official duties provided the activity meets one of the following criteria: (1) is a means of personal professional development; (2) serves the community, state or nation; or (3) is consistent with the objectives of the institution.
  3. Prior to engaging in remunerative outside work or activity as defined above, each employee shall apply in writing to the President through their appropriate supervisor for authorization. The application shall describe the nature and extent of the activity, including the date, time, place, a statement of the employee's involvement, how the objectives of the College will be furthered by the involvement, and whether compensation is to be received. The application should also indicate any special arrangements made regarding classes and other assigned duties. Such application shall be made at least (14) working days prior to the date(s) of the activity, and shall not be continued or undertaken if the employee is notified of the disapproval of such undertaking. Practical considerations necessitate a limit for engaging in outside activities of not more than five (5) days a semester (inclusive of professional leave) during those portions of the year when the employee is on full-time duty. Other considerations will include, but not limited to, classroom and teaching obligations, other leave used or anticipated and departmental or college needs.

During the summer academic session, because of the already short teaching period, the five-day limitation shall not apply but each request shall be handled on a case by case basis considering all relevant factors.

  1. Faculty members shall not tutor students for pay at the College. They shall not tutor for pay at off-campus locations any students currently in their classes and are discouraged from tutoring for pay any Georgia Perimeter College students.
  2. Use of Georgia Perimeter College equipment or facilities for an outside endeavor may be authorized prior to use if arrangements are made for a proper accounting and if charges are consistent with rates charged outside groups or persons. Authorization for any such participation and/or use of college equipment or facilities shall be within the discretion of the President.


State law stipulates that no one may be a full-time employee at a University System institution and also employed by another University System institution or State of Georgia agency, board, or department prior to the negotiation of an agreement between the University and the employing institution or organization. A prerequisite for such agreement is the certification of the President that the person to be employed is available to perform such services, and that the performance of such services will not detract or have a detrimental effect on the performance of said person's full-time employment, and, where appropriate, that the part-time employment of such person by the employing organization will be in the best interest of the state. The chief executive officer of the department, agency, commission, authority, college, or university which desires to obtain the services of a full-time faculty member at Georgia Perimeter College shall certify, in writing, the need for the services and set forth why the best interest of the state will be served by obtaining the part-time services of such a person in lieu of obtaining such services from a person not presently employed by the state.



With certain exceptions, Georgia Perimeter College employees are forbidden, under state law, from transacting any business with the University System of Georgia either on their own behalf, or on behalf of any business in which the employee or a member of his or her family has a substantial interest. Furthermore, if an employee of Georgia Perimeter College is to be employed by any other state agency, department, or commission, then an agreement authorizing such employment must be entered into between the agency for whom the College employee will work and the College.

Any College employee who transacts any business with the state or any agency of the state, or if an employee's family has a substantial interest in a business which transacts business with the state (substantial interest means the direct or indirect ownership of more than twenty-five (25) percent of the assets or stock of a business), then such College employee must file a disclosure report. This report is due on January 3l in the Office of the Secretary of State and must list each transaction and the dollar amounts involved. The failure to file disclosure forms when required could subject an employee to a $10,000 fine and termination of employment. These disclosure forms do not have to be filed if a single transaction does not exceed $250 and the total of all transactions in the calendar year does not exceed $9,000. Further information and disclosure forms may be obtained by contacting the Executive Vice President for Financial and Administrative Affairs.


As responsible and interested citizens in a democratic society, employees of Georgia Perimeter College are encouraged to fulfill their civic obligations and otherwise engage in the normal political processes of society.  Nevertheless, it is inappropriate for College personnel to manage or enter political campaigns while on duty to perform services for the College or to hold elective political office at the state or federal level while employed by the College.  Therefore, the following policies governing political activities are adopted by the University System of Georgia and Georgia Perimeter College:

A.       Employees may not manage or take an active part in a political campaign which interferes with the performance of duties or services for which he or she receives compensation from the College.

B.        Employees may not hold elective political office at the state or federal level.

C.       A candidate for or holder of an elective political office at the state or federal level may not be employed or hold a faculty, staff, or other position at the College, with or without compensation.

D.       Employees seeking elective political office at the state or federal level must first request a leave of absence with pay beginning prior to qualification as a candidate in a primary or general election and ending after the general or final election.  If elected to state or federal office such person must resign prior to assuming office.

E.        Employees may seek and hold elective office at other than the state or federal level, or appointive office, when such candidacy for or holding of the office does not conflict or interfere with the employee’s duties and responsibilities to the institution or the system.

The President of each institution may authorize the use of institution facilities for political speeches. However, such use shall be limited to meetings sponsored by recognized organizations of the institution and shall be held only at places designated by the President. The use of System materials, equipment, machinery, or vehicles in political campaigns is prohibited.


  1. Personal leave without pay may be approved under Section 802.0806 of The Policy Manual at the discretion of the President for periods not to exceed one (1) year.
  2. Guidelines for use of Georgia Perimeter College's facilities.


Approved: CAB 07/00

Revised by HRPC 2003

Approved by CAB 6/25/03