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Talking Points for Visitors While at Work Policy







Employees that desire to entertain visitors while at work must share in the responsibility that accompanies such a visit.  In order to facilitate a professional working environment in the offices and classrooms of the College and to provide specific instructions concerning visitors to the College, the following guidelines have been created.


Note:    For the purposes of this policy, a visitor is defined as friends and/or family of the employee.  Persons conducting business with the College are not addressed in this policy.


1.         Whenever possible, the employee should inform his or her immediate supervisor of an impending visit in a timely fashion.


2.         An employee must accompany visitors at all times.  Children and other minor visitors especially require that the employee be present and are not to be left alone.  As a place of employment, the College is an inappropriate place for children.  Thus, the College cannot and will not assume any responsibility for employee’s children on campus.  Children who are visiting on College premises must be supervised at all times by the parent or adult guardian.  This portion of the policy is not meant to exclude children that are enrolled in a credit or non-credit program or from participating in activities scheduled by the College to which the general public is invited.


3.         Visitors to classrooms while class is being conducted should have a legitimate academic interest in the subject matter being taught.


4.         Under NO circumstances should an unescorted visitor be allowed into an area where chemicals are stored.  This includes chemicals for cleaning and maintaining the facilities as well as chemicals and supplies for the classrooms and laboratories. It is the responsibility of the employee to complete safety training (provided by the College) and to be aware of the location of the Material Safety Data Sheets that detail the treatment for exposure to any such chemicals in their department.


5.         Under NO circumstances should a visitor be allowed to remain in an area where employee, student or financial records are stored without the explicit permission of the custodian of the records. 


6.         A visitor should not unduly disrupt the normal working routine of any of the employees in the department that they are visiting.  The immediate supervisor will have the discretion to determine if the presence of the visitor is disruptive.


7.         Should a visitor act in such a way that necessitates their leaving the campus, it is the responsibility of the employee to facilitate their departure.  This may necessitate the employee leaving the premises as well.  In this event, the vacation and/or sick leave of the employee will be charged accordingly.  If the employee feels unable to control the visitor, the employee is responsible for notifying campus security officials for the physical removal of the visitor. 


8.         The act of inviting an individual to the College is considered a workplace judgment made by the employee.  As such, the behavior of the invited guest is a reflection of the job performance of the employee.  Employees that repeatedly invite visitors that hamper the operations of the College may find that the evaluation of their performance is affected.



Human Resources Advisory Council 5/17/01

Approved by CAB 9/27/01