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802.802                      LEAVE/SICK LEAVE WITH PAY/FACULTY


All regular full-time employees (including faculty) accumulate sick leave at the rate of one working day per calendar month. A working day is eight hours. During the summer sessions, faculty accumulate sick leave in an equivalent ratio based on the number of credit hours taught. Sick leave for all employees is cumulative with no cap.


The following provisions for the reporting of sick leave shall apply to all full time faculty employed by Georgia Perimeter College who serve primarily in assignments defined by faculty roles in instruction, research and scholarly activity, and service.


(1)    Faculty are responsible for informing their Chair of any illness that prohibits them from meeting their assigned responsibilities in instruction, research, and service


(2)    In reporting sick leave, academic year faculty will report leave based on the number of whole hours sick as defined by the BOR Policy 802.08, with a full day being eight (8) hours, a half day being four (4) hours, and less than a half day based on whole hours missed, with a full week being the equivalent of a forty-hour workweek.


(3)    Nothing in this policy shall be interpreted to indicate that faculty work on a standardized schedule.



Approved by College Advisory Board 2-26-03