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803.0906                     TENURE CRITERIA FOR FACULTY                              




A.        Tenure will be recommended only for faculty with the rank of assistant professor, associate professor, and professor.


B.         Up to three years of probationary credit toward tenure may be awarded when a faculty member at one of the three professorial ranks is hired in accordance with Regents' policy.


C.        Tenure may be recommended upon a faculty member's completion of five years of full-time service.  Consideration may be given for any probationary credit earned toward tenure.


D.        Starting with the 1993-94 academic year, those who attain the rank of Assistant Professor may be awarded probationary credit toward tenure on the following basis:  If the faculty member had been at the college for three years, he/she may be awarded two years; if the faculty member had been at the college for four or more years, he/she may be awarded three years; if the faculty member has been at the college one or two years, he/she may be awarded one year.  When a faculty member receives a doctorate, he/she is immediately considered eligible for promotion to Assistant Professor.


            The maximum time that may be served at the rank of assistant professor or above without the award of tenure is seven years.  The maximum time that may be served in any combination of full-time instructional appointments (instructor or professorial ranks) without the award of tenure is ten years.


E.         Tenure is awarded based upon the following:


            1.         Faculty member's record of performance which must include excellence in teaching;


            2.         Consideration of recommendations by the faculty member's Peer Review Committee, the Department Chair, Academic Dean, and Promotion and Tenure Committee; in the case of academic administrators serving at or above the Department Chair/Coordinator level, the recommendations will be made by their immediate supervisor to the Promotion and Tenure Committee.  This recommendation will include a copy of the Peer Review Committee's recommendation;                                                 


            3.         Instructional and institutional needs of the College, which include program needs, enrollment and fiscal considerations; and,


            4.         Other criteria, which include a consistent performance record over five years (which may include up to three years of probationary credit).


                        a.         improvement in one's specific discipline

                        b.         support of other faculty, other departments, other campuses, and institutional goals

                        c.         active sharing of professional expertise with the community.


Recommendations will go from the Promotion and Tenure Committee to the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs and/or the President.


*Minimum criteria establish necessary conditions for submission but do not ensure recommendation of tenure.


Revised 7/96

Revised 11/01:  “Discipline Dean” changed to “Academic Dean”; “Vice President for Academic Affairs” changed to “Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs”