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The Academic Affairs area has people in tenure track positions who serve in the unique capacity of both administrators and faculty members. This condition applies to Department Chairs/Coordinators, Academic Deans and Vice Presidents. It is universally recognized that people in administrative positions should not hold tenure in the administrative position. It is also true that people whose primary function is academics and whose background is in academics should be tenured in the academic area.

The College would not place people in the position of leading and supervising academic disciplines if they would not be considered for tenure in these disciplines. Academic administrators, by definition, should be among the best and most qualified faculty.

Tenure for administrators in the Academic Affairs area is awarded based upon the following requirements:

  1. Administrator's record of performance must include excellence in teaching;
  2. Recommendation for tenure by their immediate supervisor; guidelines for eligibility are:
    1. five or more years of continuous service at DeKalb College or if granted up to two years of probationary credit toward tenure at the time they are hired, this added to service at DeKalb College must equal five years; and,
    2. one of the following:
    1. are actively teaching in discipline, or
    2. has taught as a full-time faculty member for five consecutive years or taught a reduced load while carrying out administrative responsibilities for five consecutive years.
  1. Instructional and institutional needs of the College, which include program needs, enrollment, and fiscal considerations.
  2. Other criteria, which include a consistent performance record over several years in:
    1. involvement and improvement in one's discipline;
    2. support of other faculty, other departments, other campuses, and instructional goals; and,
    3. active sharing of professional expertise with the community.


Revised 7/96