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803.19††††††††††† ††††††††††† EMPLOYMENT OF MEMO ONE PERSONNEL*




In order to ensure consistency in the hiring of major administrative personnel, Georgia Perimeter College major administrative positions (vice presidents, provosts) are advertised in accordance with the Board of Regents Policy (803.02)




The following procedural steps are established for the employment of Memo One personnel:


  1. When a vacancy occurs or a new position is created the Presidentís Office will prepare a DP20 and DP21 and forward for routing as follows: (a) Human Resources; (b) Assistant Director of Finance/Budgets; (c) Executive Vice President for Financial and Administrative Affairs; and (d) return to Human Resources.


  1. The Human Resources Department prepares a letter for the Presidentís signature to the Chancellor in compliance with Board of Regents Policy 803.02 (Revised 5/95).


  1. The letter to the Chancellor shall include the following:


    1. the nature of the position;


    1. the improvements and changes to be made by the new appointee in this position;


    1. the place of the activity in the development of the institution;


    1. the method to be followed in identifying possible appointees;


    1. the professional qualifications and special competencies to be sought;


    1. the salary range anticipated.


4.      The DP 20/21 are returned by the Executive Vice President for Financial and Administrative Affairs to the Human Resources Department for (a) advertising in accordance with posted advertising procedures; (b) notification to Applicant Clearinghouse; (c) position announcement disbursal.


5.      The Search Committee is appointed by the President or his/her designee who will set the parameters of the committee responsibilities in consultation with the Human Resources Department.


*Georgia Perimeter College is a Type III institution and Memo One procedures apply to provosts and vice presidential positions only. (Presidents are not included because the policy governing their appointments is treated in Section 203.0202).


6.      The Presidentís Office notifies the Human Resources Department of the Search Committee Chair and its members.


7.      The Human Resources Department receives applications and sends letters of acknowledgment requesting: resume, copies of unofficial graduate transcripts, and a list of five references (names, addresses, and telephone numbers). Human Resources Department encloses Applicant Clearinghouse brochure and EEO form.


8.      The Human Resources Department forwards completed applicant files, within a week after deadline, to the Chair of the Search Committee.


9.      The Human Resources Department will meet with the Chair of the Search Committee or the entire committee to provide appropriate instructions, forms, etc.


10. The Chair of the Search Committee reviews applications for an appropriate pool and notifies the Human Resources Department.


11. The Chair reviews applications with the President or his/her designee to eliminate those who do not meet the minimum advertised requirements.


12. The Search Committee selects candidates for interview. The Search Committee is responsible for checking references (three of the five submitted with application and documenting on appropriate form) and evaluating transcripts. Copies of unofficial transcripts must be in the candidateís file before the candidate is recommended to the President for consideration.


13. The Search Committee Chair recommends to the President or his/her designee a list of selected applicants for interview (a minimum of five) and forwards a copy of their file to the President.


14. The President reviews the candidates recommended for interview and establishes a list of candidates to be interviewed.


15. If one of the selected candidates is an employee at another Regents institution the following must occur:


    1. The Chair requests the Human Resources Department to write a letter from the President to secure authorization from the President of the employing institution to interview the selected candidate(s).


    1. When authorization is received from the employing institution, the President informs the Human Resources Department that permission has been granted.


    1. The Human Resources Department informs the Committee Chair that the interview may be scheduled.


16. The Search Committee Chair returns files of applicants not selected for interview to the Human Resources Department and provides a list of candidates whose files are being retained for interview.


17. The Human Resources Department notifies, in writing, the applicants not to be interviewed that they are no longer being considered for the position and retains the original files.


18. The Chair informs the President and the Human Resources Department of the interview schedule and provides a copy of interview questions for the file.

  1. All candidates to be interviewed must complete an official Georgia Perimeter College Employment Application Form.


Any candidates invited to interview who require special accommodations under ADA should contact the Director of Human Resources (404) 244-2380.


  1. The Search Committee conducts interviews. A representative from the Human Resources Department may request to observe the interviews.


21. The Chair makes a recommendation, reflecting the decision of the Committee, submitting the following to the Human Resources Department:


    1. Committee Chairís letter of recommendation with names in unranked order


    1. Affirmative Action Checklist (complete #1, 7-9 ONLY, sign and date)


    1. Applicant Flow Chart (using a copy of the alphabetic list provided, please document applicants status with regard to the position: race, gender, meets/does not meet requirements, transcripts, declined interview, cancelled interview, etc.)


    1. Interview checklists from each Committee member (signed and dated) on all applicants interviewed (attach to each candidateís file).


    1. Telephone reference checks of all applicants interviewed (documented on appropriate form). If the reference checks did not include a recent immediate supervisor, the Chair will ask the candidateís permission to contact the individual.


    1. Application packet of all applicants interviewed.


    1. Georgia Perimeter College Employment Application Form (completed) for all interviewed candidates.


  1. The Human Resources Department obtains the appropriate DP 20/21, Applicant Clearinghouse Form, recommendation, and files of selected finalists and forwards the recommendation to the President for further consideration.


  1. When a list of at least three qualified finalists has been developed, the list should be forwarded to the Chancellor along with a copy of the vitae for finalists.


  1. Only after receiving approval from the Chancellor shall the President proceed to interview the finalists further and make a commitment to one of them subject to ratification by the Board of Regents.


  1. When approval is received from the Chancellor to proceed, the President will notify the Human Resources Department.


  1. The President will request the Human Resources Department to prepare a letter for his/her signature informing the selected finalist he/she is being recommended for the position. (The Executive Vice President for Financial and Administrative Affairs will be consulted regarding salary placement.) The offer letter contains the position title, effective starting date, salary, (rank and tenure status, if appropriate), subject to the ratification of the Board of Regents.


  1. After acceptance from the selected finalist, the Human Resources Department prepares FIS Form and enters data on Faculty Information System, including the Memo One screen.


  1. The Human Resources Department shall notify, in writing, all candidates who were interviewed but not recommended that they are no longer being considered for the position and retains the original files.


  1. After the Board of Regentsí regular meeting, which is held the second Tuesday and Wednesday of each month, the Human Resources Department will advise the President, Executive Vice President for Financial and Administrative Affairs, and the Budget Office of the approved recommendation(s).


  1. The Human Resources Department requests a contract, (if appropriate) to be prepared by the Budget Office. A contract is prepared and returned to the Human Resources Department for distribution.


  1. The signed contract is returned to the President and forwarded to the Human Resources Department.



Rev. 12/98 

Approved by College Advisory Board 9-23-99