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In order to ensure consistency in the hiring of professional and administrative personnel, Georgia Perimeter College professional and administrative positions are advertised without respect to campus/district office assignment.  The specific focus of individual professional and administrative positions, though, requires significant input from the campus/district office where the vacancy exists.  Professional and administrative hiring, therefore, is a campus/district office-centered activity.


Campus/district office assignments for professional and administrative positions are made at the conclusion of the hiring process.  Professional and administrative personnel, like all Georgia Perimeter College employees, may be transferred among campuses to meet the operational needs of the College.




The following procedural steps are established for the employment of professional and administrative personnel:


1.         DP 20/21 are completed by Budget Manager in consultation with appropriate Campus/District administrator when vacant budgeted position exists.


 2.        DP 20/21 are routed to:  (a) appropriate Campus/District Administrator; (b) Human Resources Department; (c) Assistant Director of Finance/Budgets; (d) Executive Vice President for Financial and Administrative Affairs; and (e) returned to the Human Resources Department


 3.        DP 20/21 are returned to the Human Resources Department for (a) advertising in accordance with posted advertising procedures; (b) notification to Applicant Clearinghouse (when applicable); and (c) position announcement disbursal. 


4.                  Screening Committee is appointed by Budget Manager in consulta­tion with appropriate Campus/District administrator.  The Budget Manager will notify the Human Resources Department of the Screening Committee membership.


5.         The Human Resources Department receives applications and sends letters of acknowledgment, requesting the following: resume, copies of unofficial transcripts (if requested by Budget Manager), and a list of three references (names, addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers). The Human Resources Department encloses Applicant Clearing­house brochure and optional EEO form.

6.         The Human Resources Department forwards completed applicant files, within a week after deadline, to Chair of the Screening Committee. In addition, the Human Resources Department provides appropriate instructions, forms, etc.


 7.        Chair of Screening Committee reviews applications for an appropriate pool and notifies the Human Resources Department.


 8.        The Committee shall select a minimum of three applicants for interview per position.  The Chair schedules interviews with the chosen can­didates and notifies internal applicants that the Campus/District administrator (Provost/Vice President) will be notified of his/her application for another position within the College. Any candidate invited for interview that requires special accommoda­tions under ADA should contact the Director of  Human Resources (404) 244-2380.


 9.        The Screening Committee is responsible for checking three references prior to scheduling interviews whenever possible, and documenting them on the appropriate forms.


10.       The Chair informs the appropriate Campus/District administrator and the Human Resources Department of interview schedule.  The Chair also submits a copy of interview questions for file.  If the list of candidates to be interviewed includes internal applicants, the Chair is responsible for notifying the appropriate Campus/District Administrator (Provost/Vice President) that the individual is being considered for another position within the College.


11.       The files of applicants not to be interviewed are returned to the Human Resources Department by the Chair and a list of candidates whose files are being retained for interview should also be provided.


12.       The Human Resources Department notifies applicants not to be interviewed, in writing, that they are no longer being considered for the position and retains original files.


13.       All candidates to be interviewed must complete an official Georgia Perimeter College Employment Application Form.


14.             The Screening Committee conducts inter­views. A representative from the Human Resources Department and/or the appropriate Campus/District Administrator may request to observe the interviews.


15.       The Chair makes a recommendation, reflecting the decision of the Committee, submitting the following to the Campus Administrator with a copy to the Provost or the District Administrator.


a.         Committee Chair's letter of recommendation with names in unranked order, containing a description of each candidate's qualifications.


b.                 Affirmative Action Checklist (complete #1,7-9 ONLY, sign and date).


c.                  Applicant Flow chart (using a copy of the alphabetic list provided, please document applicants status with regard to the position:  race, gender, meets/does not meet requirements, transcripts, declined interview, cancelled interview, etc.


d.                 Interview Checklists from each Committee member (signed and dated) on applicants interviewed (attach to candidates file).


e.                 Three telephone reference checks of all applicants interviewed (docu­mented on the appropriate form and attached to candidate's file).  If the reference checks did not include a recent immediate supervisor, the Chair will ask the candidate's permission to contact individual.


f.                    Application packet of all applicants interviewed.


g.                 Georgia Perimeter College Employment Application (completed) for all inter­viewed candidates.






A PRE-EMPLOYMENT DRUG TEST MAY ALSO BE REQUIRED BY LAW IN SOME AREAS.  Consult the Human Resources Department for applicable positions.


At this time, selected candidates for final review are required to complete appropriate forms to initiate the background process.   Contact the Human Resources Department for necessary forms.


16.       The appropriate Campus/District administrator recommends a candidate including salary and effective date, and forwards the files to the Human Resources Department.  The Human Resources Department will have three working days to consult with the Campus/District administrator on any aspects of the search process.


17.       The Human Resources Department obtains the appro­priate DP 20/21 and Applicant Clearinghouse Form (where applicable).  After review, which can take up to three working days, the Human Resources Department forwards complete file to the Executive Vice President for Financial and Administrative Affairs for salary review and approval by the President.


18.            Screening Committee returns all files of candidates not recom­mended directly to the Human Resources Department.


19.       The Human Resources Department shall notify all candidates who were interviewed, but not recommended, that they were not among those in the final selection process and retains original files.


20.       The Human Resources Department prepares a letter of offer to the selected candidate stating effective employment date, salary and benefits, etc.


21.       Offer letter is sent to selected candidate with a copy to the appropriate Campus/District administrator and Budget Manager.


22.       If the candidate declines the offer of employment, the Budget Manager may select another candidate from among those who were inter­viewed and/or recommended by the Screening Committee or may recommend that the search be reopened.


23.       After acceptance by selected candidate, the Human Resources Department shall notify all candidates who were interviewed and recommended that they were among those in the final selection process, but not selected for the position and retains original files.  The Screening Chair/Budget Manager should notify any internal candidates regarding their candidacy prior to a college wide announcement naming the new employee. 


24.       The appropriate Campus/District Administrator will make an announcement to the College community (via e-mail) regarding the new employee (title, starting date, office location, telephone number).



Revised 10/97

Approved CAB 11/20/97

Revised 12/98

Revised 7/00


Approved by College Advisory Board 7/27/00