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1.                  The Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs will advertise for part-time instructors once each semester. Any special requirements should be forwarded to Human Resources prior to publication deadlines.  Each campus Academic Dean and Provost may coordinate other types of recruitment activities for each campus.


2.            Processing of Applications


A.                Applications received in the Office of Academic Affairs

B.                Applications logged-in database

(Information included:  name, address, phone #, date of receipt, discipline, campus preference, Dean of Academic Services, date sent, notes)

C.                Acknowledgement card sent to all applicants

D.                Database log sent to Deans of Academic Services

E.                Campus preference

1.                  Preference listed – application packet sent to appropriate campus dean

2.                  No preference – hold application in Academic Affairs until a request is made for the documents

F.                 Department chair/coordinator responsible for notifying Academic Affairs when they are processing an applicant.


3.            Department chair/coordinator reviews credentials and selects candidates for interview. All candidates must meet the same requirements as those for full-time faculty (see Faculty Credentials, 802.05). Departments should immediately notify applicants who are not SACS qualified.


4.            Department chair/coordinator interviews candidates before offering an assignment. The interview includes an assessment of oral communication skills. Written communication skills are assessed based on a short writing sample (topic determined by interviewer).


5.                  For those candidates who are to be offered an assignment, the department chair/coordinator should advise the individual that such assignments are on an "as need" basis and can be canceled due to insufficient enrollment. Prospective part-time instructors need to understand that the college does not have a continuing obligation to them.


6.         The Department chair/coordinator collects, processes, and completes the following items and forwards them to Human Resources prior to the deadline for each quarter:


-            Interview Checklist (including short writing sample)

-            Faculty Information System (FIS) Form

-            Complete Application

-            Resume

-           Official Transcripts of all college degrees and additional graduate coursework

-            Faculty Profile form

-            Three recent employment references (written or documented telephone)

-            W-4 form

-            G-4 form

-            Direct deposit form (optional)

-            Notarized Security Questionnaire and Loyalty oath

-            I-9 form and copies of supporting documents

-            Copy of Social Security card

-            EEO/AAP Information form (optional)

-            Georgia Defined Contribution Plan form

-            Memorandum of Understanding form

-            Employee Information:

(1)               Safety and Security brochure

(2)               Employee Information form

(3)               Drug Free Awareness Policy form

(4)               Employee Information and Training Verification form (“Right to Know”)


7.                  The Office of Academic Affairs enters faculty information into BANNER.


8.                  The Human Resources Department verifies that all required information is included, enters the information on the Faculty Information System (FIS), requests administrative approval from the Board of Regents, and processes the new employee for payroll purposes.


9.                  The following items apply to the employment of part-time faculty:


-           Part-time faculty shall be known as non-tenured faculty employed less than full-time.

-            Are not accruing time toward tenure.

-            Are not covered under the "Revised Tenure Policies."

-           If written agreements or contracts are issued to part-time faculty members, they must be appropriate to the specific assignments.

-           Additional justification will be required when a part-time faculty member’s employment exceeds one-half time for the year.




Temporary or part-time personnel serving without a written contract hold their employment at the pleasure of the President of whom may discontinue the employment of such employees without cause or advance notice. (Board of Regents’ Minutes, 1986-87, p.103)  The President may designate campus personnel to effect these actions.




1.                  The Department chair/coordinator or his or her designee must evaluate part-time faculty at least once each year.  New part-time faculty must be evaluated in the first semester of employment.


2.                  In June of each year, Department chair/coordinator submits the completed Part-time Faculty Evaluation forms to Human Resources.



Revised 02/97

Approved by College Advisory Board 9-23-99


Revised 3/24/00

Approved by College Advisory Board 5/25/00