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803.2203              RECRUITMENT OF FACULTY (FULL-TIME)




Faculty are integral to the educational quality of the College. As faculty positions become available, the institution is committed to the development of a pool of qualified candidates who meet the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools criteria for scholarly and professional preparation, who have successful teaching experience or who demonstrate potential to be excellent teachers, and who reflect the diversity of our student population.


In an effort to increase the number and diversity of qualified applicants for faculty positions, all positions are advertised as follows:


1.                  “Chronicle of Higher Education”


2.                  Black Issues in Higher Education


3.                  “Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education”


4.                  “Community College Times”


5.                  Local Newspapers


6.                  University System Applicant Clearing House


7.                  Notices to local graduate schools


8.                  Notices to all current full and part-time faculty


9.                  Posting on all campuses


10.             Correspondence with appropriate faculty in the Minority Faculty Recruitment Directory


Because Georgia Perimeter College is committed to excellence in teaching, all applicants for faculty positions will be required to demonstrate teaching ability and proficiency in oral communication by presenting a simulated classroom mini-lecture to the search committee and to respond to questions related to the position. Written communication skills are assessed and response to predetermined questions provided during the interview process.


Revised 7/96

Revised 5/00

Approved by College Advisory Board 9-23-00