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I.             All personnel at Georgia Perimeter College are employees of the College with assignments to campus and center locations.  Any employee may be reassigned or transferred to a different position or a different location if it is deemed by the President to be in the best interest of the College.


II.          Requests for faculty (tenure-track and tenured faculty) transfers at Georgia Perimeter College shall be presented in writing to the Human Resources Department no later than August 30 of the academic year prior to the effective date of the transfer. (Exception: September 30, 2004 is the deadline this year for faculty transfer requests for the 2005-2006 academic year)


               A.   All requests for faculty transfers and any supporting documentation

                     will be reviewed by the College Executive Team during the annual planning process for faculty staffing for the next academic year which takes place during the fall semester.  The College Executive Team will make recommendations regarding the allocation of faculty positions and the assignment of faculty for the next academic year to the President.  Final determination in the reassignment and transfer of personnel is made by the President.  Faculty requesting transfers will be notified by Human Resources of the decision by January 30 of the academic year prior to the effective date of the transfer.


B.     Tenure track and tenured faculty may not apply for open faculty positions.


III.       Professional/Administrative and Support Staff employees may apply at any time for vacant positions within the College if they meet the minimum stated requirements of the job.  Current employee applications will be considered during the normal hiring process.


IV.        Any employee may request a transfer at any time based upon a need for reasonable accommodation of a disabling condition.  These requests should be submitted in writing to the College Affirmative Action Officer.



Human Resources Policy Council, Revised May 18, 2004

Approved by the College Executive Team/President, August 2004