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804                 RIGHT TO KNOW




In compliance with the law and in an effort to help insure the health and safety of our employees, Georgia Perimeter College has established a "Hazardous Communication Program". This brief explanation of that program should answer many of your questions about hazardous chemicals at Georgia Perimeter College and provide the resources for any further information that you might want.




In 1988, the Georgia State Legislature passed the Public Employee Hazardous Chemical Protection and Right-To-Know Act. In a nutshell, this Act provides public employees with the same protection and rights in this area as OSHA provides to employees in private industry. More specifically, the law provides:


1.                  By December 31, 1991, each agency of the State of Georgia submit to the Department of Labor, for approval, an extensive and detailed plan of how it intends to comply with all aspects of the Act.


2.                  By July 1, 1992, all employees of the State must be apprised of the law and how it affects them. Also, certain training and an opportunity to ask questions are to be provided.


3.                  There must be documentation that each employee has participated in a training session.


4.                  All hazardous substances be properly stored and labeled.


5.                  Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) be provided on all hazardous chemicals and stored in a general location as well as in job specific areas.


6.                  Any contractors bringing hazardous chemicals onto a site must provide all protection and MSDSs as provided by the law.


Revised 7/96

Revised 5/99


Approved by College Advisory Board 9-23-99