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To define behavior which constitutes workplace violence and to define procedures for reporting and resolving incidents of workplace violence.




Georgia Perimeter College is committed to providing faculty, staff, students, and visitors with an environment that is safe, secure, and free from threats, intimidation, and violence.To promote an atmosphere that encourages learning and productive employment, quick responsive action will be taken if violence or the threat of violence arises.


Workplace violence shall be considered a violation of Georgia Perimeter College classified employee, faculty, and student conduct codes and may subject an individual to discipline in accordance with the terms of the applicable policies and procedures up to and including termination.Where appropriate, violators may be subject to criminal prosecution.Contractors and their agents are expected to take appropriate actions to deal with incidents of workplace violence.


Georgia Perimeter College will not tolerate the following conduct or behavior which would be interpreted by a reasonable person to be aggressive, intimidating, harassing, or unsafe:


††††††††††† Threats, direct or implied;


††††††††††† Physical conduct that results in harm to people or property;


††††††††††† Possession of deadly weapons on College property;


Intimidating conduct or harassment that disrupts the work environment or results in fear for personal safety.





Campus Safety Team:There shall be a Campus Safety Team (CST) on each of the four main campuses.The CST at each campus shall be responsible for incidents occurring to Georgia Perimeter College employees and visitors on the campus and at satellite sites.


The CST on each campus shall include the Provost (Chair), Dean of Academic Services, Dean of Student Services, and the highest ranking officer of the campus Protective Services unit.


The responsibilities of the CST shall include:


††††††††††† Familiarizing campus employees with the College workplace violence policy;


††††††††††† Assuring that action appropriate to a workplace violence situation is taken;


††††††††††† Filing an incident report with the College Safety Council.


College Safety Council: There shall be a College Safety Council (CSC) appointed by the President to serve as a resource for issues related to workplace violence.The CSC shall consist of the Director of Protective Services (Chair), the Director of Human Resources, the Legal Advisor to the President, the Assistant Director of Human Resources/

Ombudsperson, the Assistant Vice President for Educational Affairs, and the chairs of the Faculty Senate, the Staff Assembly and the Professional & Administrative Staff Assembly.


The CSC shall serve as a resource for supervisors and other employees in situations involving workplace violence.The CSC will provide advice and guidance on Georgia Perimeter College policies and procedures, intervention, counseling, and prevention.


CSTs responding to allegations of workplace violence shall report all such allegations and their resolution to the CSC.The CSC shall conduct a post-incident review and where appropriate, make recommendations for preventing or responding to future incidents.


The CSC shall be responsible for designing and implementing workplace violence training and education for Georgia Perimeter College faculty, staff and students.Such training programs will be reviewed by the CSC at least annually, administered and tracked by the Human Resources office.Training will be offered to all faculty, staff, and students at least once a year.




All faculty, staff, students, and visitors shall report instances of workplace violence.


A.     In emergency situations, campus Protective Services should be notified immediately.The employee, faculty, or student should then report the incident to his/her immediate supervisor or faculty advisor.Students may also report the incident to the Campus Dean of Student Services or Provostís Office.


B.     In non-emergency situations, workplace violence should be reported first to an immediate supervisor or advisor.If the immediate supervisor is the instigator of the workplace violence, the incident should be reported to the next level supervisor.Any occurrence of workplace violence must be reported to Protective Services.


C.     In situations where a person witnesses an instance of workplace violence and does not know how to contact the supervisor of those involved in the incident the nearest office of GPC Protective Services should be contacted.


D.     A Protective Services Incident Report must be submitted to the Chair of the Campus Safety Team by the supervisor.


E.      All persons should avail themselves of the training and other resources provided by the College so that they will be able to recognize the warning signs of workplace violence and to respond to them appropriately.



Revised HRPC 06/2002

Approved by College Advisory Board 10/17/02