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The following procedural guidelines are to be observed in requesting use of the Jim Cherry Learning Resources Center on the Clarkston Campus.  These guidelines are consistent with the “Procedural Guidelines for Use of Georgia Perimeter College Facilities”  (Section 914.05, Georgia Perimeter College Policy Manual) and with the policies of the University System of Georgia.


As a guiding principle in requesting use of the Jim Cherry Learning Resources Center, the facility's direct relationship to the educational objectives of the College has been noted.  In support of the mission of the Learning Resources Program, the JCLRC facility is designed to provide comprehensive learning resources and instructional support for the academic programs of the College.  These educational functions must be placed in priority over other requests which do not directly support  the Learning Resources mission.  


With reference to the ever-growing need for collegewide meeting accommodations, certain rooms within the Jim Cherry Learning Resources Center have been made available. Primary consideration for meeting room space is given to Georgia Perimeter College faculty, staff, and students.


Because of the need to maintain as much flexibility as possible in accommodating a variety of educational functions, meeting areas cannot be indefinitely scheduled for the same individuals or groups for more than one quarter.  Any events for which refreshments or food services are requested must be arranged through Georgia Perimeter College Auxiliary Food Services.   


The following rooms are available for scheduling.  Requests are made through the JCLRC Coordinator for Public Relations and Special Events (294-3460) except where noted.


            1.  LR STAFF TRAINING ROOM (414)


                        Primary use of the LR Staff Training Room is for training and staff development of college-wide Learning Resources personnel.  Secondary use includes faculty and other college-related meetings.  Seating capacity is 20.




                        Primary use of the LR Conference Room is for administrative, faculty, and staff meetings.  Seating capacity is 10.

            3.  ISS TESTING CLASSROOM (231)


                        Primary use of the ISS Testing Classroom is for Regents' testing, extended testing time for those needing special assistance, ISS testing, and support for the College on TV telecourse testing.  Secondary use is group instruction and tutorials within ISS.  To arrange for use of the ISS Testing Classroom, contact the Coordinator of Instructional Support Services (294-3482).  Seating capacity is 10.


            4.  LR  CLASSROOM (221)


                        Primary use of the LR Classroom is for Bibliographic Instruction. Because of the nature of this instruction, prearrangements for bringing classes must be made through the Bibliographic Instruction Librarian (294-3474.)  Any requests for use of this room other than for library instruction must be made through the LRC Coordinator for Public Relations and Special Events.  Seating capacity is 34.   


            5.  JIM CHERRY LECTURE HALL (109)


                        Primary use of the JCLRC Lecture Hall is for educational, professional, or cultural gatherings.  Depending upon the type of request initiated and the sponsoring individual or organization, the event will be scheduled through the JCLRC or will be referred to the Division of Continuing Education for coordination and reporting of institutional effort through the Vice-President of Academic Affairs, President, and Board of Regents (see Georgia Perimeter College Policy Manual, 303.0701.)


                        a.         If the event is scheduled through the JCLRC the following procedure will apply:


                                    1)         The request for event will be tentatively scheduled in the JCLRC Lecture Hall. The Coordinator will send a tentative Reservation Form by courier mail to the requestor of the event.  This reservation form requires media, security, and physical plant needs to be identified. The form is returned through Central Media Services to the Coordinator; Media Services will make all media arrangements and the Coordinator will notify Protective Services and Plant Services.  It is advisable that the requestor send a written memo or copy of the reservation to both Protective Services and Plant Services to ensure confirmation of needs. 


                                    2)         After confirmation of media needs, Media Services will forward the completed reservation form to the Coordinator. The event will be confirmed by the Coordinator and memos from the Coordinator will be directed to Protective Services and Plant Services, along with a copy of the Reservation Form.


                        b.         If the event is routed through the Division of Continuing Education, all arrangements will be handled by the Conference Coordinator for Continuing Education in coordination with the JCLRC Lecture Hall schedule.


                                    Seating capacity is 247.


            6.  SPECIAL COLLECTIONS (411)


                        Primary use of Special Collections is for exhibits.  Secondary use includes meetings and special events.  This space may be reserved by


                        Georgia Perimeter College administrative officers only (deans and above.)  Seating capacity is 24.


These interim procedures shall be in effect immediately (11/17/93) and shall remain in effect  pending revision by the Administrative Cabinet.



Revised AdCab 11/17/93


Revision:  “DeKalb College” replaced with “Georgia Perimeter College” (8/2001)